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Con grabs + pre and post con goodies

Apologies for the crappy quality, I only have an iPhone to take photos with...

Snivy figurine from the B/W pre-release tin

Electabuzz line zukan. The Electivire is such a pain to stand up. ;_;

Dialga zukan. Some bits are bit bent. I was able to work out what he was through feeling the weight of the capsule. I <3 cheating at zukans.

Pikachu and Ash zukan

Ash and Mewtwo zukan

Ash and Lati@s zukan

Ash and Entei zukan. Ughm the Entei was such a pain to put together when it came to the little grey things...>_>

Ash and Celebi zukan
Tepig McDonald's toy. I think its tail is meant to light up, but it doesn't. =/ Oh well, it makes a nice decoration.

And an Oshawatt McDonald's toy. He looks so cute and derpy.
So, here are the Pokemon merch that I managed to get that day:

Scraggy and Tranquil clipping figures, I love the expression on the Scraggy. =3=

I got two of those little disc things with my clipping figures, I'm not quite sure what they are.

Some kind of GameTraders exclusive tin or something. Came in Mewteo and Rhyperior. As you can see, I chose Mewtwo.

This figurine came with the tin, along with two coins, some promos, holos and some booster packs.
Not official pokemon merch, but I missed this on Teefury, and was delighted to see it for sale, even if it was three times the price. >_>

Not quite sure what this is, some kind of bath bomb? My Japanese isn't good enough to understand. All I know is that it involves putting it in water, and getting a random pokemon figurine. Heh, I dropped near one of the stands and had to go chasing for it. 0///0

Isn't he adorable? >w<

A Tepig plush, he's so cute despite his grumpy face.

Oshawatt, so cute and feels so nice

I couldn't have a Plusle without a Minun, and a a Minun without a Plusle.
SideMy Scraggy pokedoll, he's so cute, yet so derpy.

Eeee! This tiny little Munna was so cute! >w< How small is she? Well let's see...

That's her next to a Zoroark pokedeoll I got earlier this year. She can fit into your palm. >w<
And last, but not least, purchases that I made from this very comm came in! =D

HeartGold Ho-Oh pre-order figurine

Platinum Giratina pre-order figurine, this had got to be one of my favourite figurines in my collection.

And last but not least, this cute and tiny Alomomola keychain plush, another proud member of my collection!
Here's a couple of pics of my figurine and plush collections so far:

So a while ago I went to a convention, so I may or may not have managed to spend a lot of money on merch, most of it Pokemon related. I would have posted earlier, but where I was staying, the internet hated my computer, then I had homework get in the way. >_>

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