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Payments 1 are due!

Hi here people!

Remember these postcards still? Some great news!

We did not raise enough claims, BUT blackdog333 decided to take the money that we raised for them! There were 9 claims in total raised, and she asked 50$ shipped for them! The payments will be all sent to 99reddrifloons and the postcards will be sent to her as well! :)

All these people:
combustion__dragonrider49okapifeatherscaffwinjoshphosis_strider, and rere515,
if you are in the US, send 6.04$, or if you are international, please send 6.10$ to 
gundam_assassin(@)msn.com and leave at least your username and what Group Buy this is in the note for her! Thank you guys! <333

And to make this post less boring, take a look at my more than 10 year old Fakemon bedsheets!

I have gotten these bedsheets when I was living back in Germany, I really wanted to have the official ones with Ash and Pikachu on them, but I got these instead from my mom. I was upset at first, but now that I still have them, I find them hilarious and fun! If she wouldn't have these bought for me, I would have never known about them! <333

Here is a close up photo of the pillow and all of the Fakemon on them! 

Who is who? Some are super obvious, but some leave me wondering...

That's it for now, thank you! <3333
Tags: pikachu
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