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TCG Lot Sale

Gosh I haven't been on pkmn_collectors in such a long time! D: I had some family issues, but now that I've moved out by myself, I'll make sure to become a lot more active again! :3

Welp, since I've moved, I need to get rid of extra items that I don't need anymore and came across a box of old TCGs. I would like to see if anyone in the comm was interested in my old Tempest box 'o cards before I took the lot to Ebay.  It's mostly just old cards and a few random figures/toys so I don't believe that anyone will want to GA it x3 But if anyone wants to, by all means, go ahead! :3  There are also a few second generation cards from booster packs that I bought back in the day as well.

Granted sales permission on 03/17/11 by dakajojo

 Important Stuffs:      

- This is my first sales post, so please be patient with me! :3
- My feedback thread can be found
-  I only accept Paypal, please!
- Please send payment as goods, and include your username and item(s) bought in the memo field
- I can't be held responsible for items lost, damaged, or stolen after the package leaves my hands but I'll see if I can add a tracking number onto the package, as I don't believe that it costs very much.

I'd like to ask for $35ish USD + for the lot/ will take best offer. Does that sounds fair? I don't know much about Pokemon cards so please let me know if this is..too much? >x>;

Shipping will be calculated at the end depending on the shippers location.  Please ask if you need any info or better pics. I'd gladly assist you to the best of my ability [although I only know how to distinguish the promo, fossil, Rocket, and jungle markings on cards x3;]


3D Moving Squirtle Card from a 1990's Pokemon VHS [Back is a bit scraped up], Chomping Grovyle figure, Baseless Totodile Chou Gette, Entei Chupa, Scyther Pencil topper, Zorua McDnlds Figure, Aipom, Pachirisu, and Chimchar Korean plastic things [have glitter on them and paint rubs from wrapper]. Mint Great Ball beach ball. 

Pokeball beach ball Mystery box Reference pic 1 [Only used for reference but can be broken down and shipped to you if desired] Was only opened to see which ball was inside,

Greatball beach ball box Reference pic 2 [Only used for reference but can be broken down and shipped to you if desired]

[Assorted Korean DP Pogs [Don't know all the names of the pokemon]

Mint in Box Sneasel, Buddew, and Yanma Jakks with a random Base.  Figures will be opened out of the box in order to save $$$ on shipping.

Cards: Most of the cards are Jungle or Fossil due to the booster sets that came in the Tempest Box.  The majority of cards are in a near mint, or good used condition.  If you want more pictures of anything just ask :3 

Assorted Gym Leader's Pokemon Cards.  Haha; I seriously know very little about Pokemon cards ^^;

Energies.  I decided to count them out in case someone wanted to know.  It looks as though I've lost a lot of them over the years .__ .
Electric: 18
Water: 5
Fire: 1
Fight: 1
Colorless: 2
Grass: 1
Psychic: 3

Assorted Fighting Types

Dark Types.

Grass Types.

Water Types.

Electric Types.

Psychic Types.

Fire Types [stupid camera glared :T ]

Normal Types.


Holos [Foils? Not sure what you call them but the are shiny lol] Aerodactyl is bent, but I think I found him that way while I was walking to school when I was 7 xD  And snivy has a little bend on her, but I got her in my Happy Meal that way :T]

Pokemon playing mat thing.  In really good condition o_ o

Inside of card box.  No longer has CD-rom or player handbook [I think the rules may have vastly changed since this was manufactured lol] and there are 12 damage chips.

Outside of box.  Has a little wear on the rims.

Welp. Thanks for looking! ;w; Hopefully someone from the community can give my 'ol cards a new home!

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