Shaggy Griffon (shaggy_griffon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Shaggy Griffon

Major sales

Times to weed, extremley :P Preparing for more Hydreigon merch hopefully.

Banpresto Pokabu NWT from Otakon this year $20 OBO

Venusaur lot. Includes custom bead sprite (a little big bigger than a piece of paper) wind up figure, hasbro razor leaf figure, solar beam attack kid and Tomy pencil topper. Would rather not split up the lot, asking $15 OBO

Scraggy/pantslizards: Tomy plush $15 Banpresto UFO $12 Pokedoll $30

Groudon roar kid $5 groudon kid $5 Jakks Reshiram, oshawott, and snivy $3 each

Next comes my beloved Zoroark Collection. I don't have as much interest in the legendary as I did when it was released, but i have almost every figure/plush made. If someone wants to GA/GB this lot, just let me know. I dont have the time to split up the lot and sell off each and every item. I am asking $200 for the lot, certainly if you were to buy each of these items individually it would be much more. They have sat on that shelf since purchase so just like new. Sold!

Please comment if you would like to purchase something, include your zip OR country if international (I ship from the US).

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