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Zukan Auction!

Hi guys! Apologies if my name keeps posting up around these parts lately - it's my study break, and I've been in a real Poke mood. I'd probably be very low-key starting from next week. ;) Anyway, today's agenda is a zukan auction! For those who know me from when I first joined, my first big auction post revolved around zukans, some of which were quite rare, so it's funnily fitting that I decided to coincide this post with my first one, almost exactly one year later. =D

And the items up are these babies - NIP and mint zukans for Gyarados, Deoxys, Regigigas, Tropius and the Gible, Spheal lines. Take a gander at these gorgeous creatures (these are my pieces!). Who wouldn't want a ball of jolly fat phat Clap, derpy Landshark, giant Fillet o'Fish, gigantic Robotman, Bananadino and Quarter Moonbiscuit in their lives? Auction ends 26 SEP 2011, MONDAY, 10PM PDT. Click the picture to proceed.

I also have the Japanese Ampharos, Bidoof/Pachirisu, Wooper/Farfetch'd, Stunky, Tangrowth, Kricketot, and Rotom zukans (mostly NIP unless otherwise specified to you) for direct sale on the same page.

Lastly, I stop accepting offers for my Eevee clipping figure tonight (Wednesday, 21 Sep, 10PM PDT). 

Thanks for reading, and happy bidding!
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