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Prerelease TCG? oO"

Meant to post this awhile ago, but I got busy and am just getting to it now. While I was in California this summer, my fiance's cousin gave me some Pokemon cards. In the back of her binder, she had some cards separated from the rest. The came in this box (actually 3 boxes but this is the one she gave me) -

I don't have any photos of the actual cards. And they're currently over an hour away, but I'll try to describe them. They feel less refined than actual TCG cards...more like cardboard. I have one holo and it's holo on the edges of the card. I have an Ampharos Prime that isn't holo at all.

So...yeah...I'm pretty sure they're counterfeit (and I told that to her), but I just wanted to verify that. Does anyone know?


~ Risha

P.S. for random Pokemon rambling...I recently had to move. My new apartment is extremely Pokemon lacking since I sent all my toys and cards home so they didn't get damaged. O: Once I move all my stuff here, I'll probably be opening for trades (especially TCG trades) again.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for real life groups I can join to trade cards with people? I recently walked in a Pokemon League Tournament when I went to buy some Emerging Powers boosters. I have no interest in actually playing with the cards, but I would love to trade people. Would the League be for me? Or are there other kinds of TCG groups?
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