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Fine ol’ Gets – Otakuthon, McDonalds and More!

Another rare update from Psychic, whoo! Hopefully the tags will work this time, haha. I’ve gotten a whole load of stuff I’m really excited about, and took a whole bunch of pictures, so be warned! I have pretty great collection photos of my plush, kids, zukan and more. :D

Otakuthon was last month, and it was a total blast! Shot-outs to the two members I saw there (I am so sorry I can’t remember your names, but it was awesome seeing you at Comicon this weekend, Miss Sigilyph), to everyone who came to the panel and to all the amazing Pokemon cosplayers who came out!

I also spent more than ever at the con, but I really love my gets!
First off, the customs!
Ignore the Madoka, Harry Potter, Mario and Soul Eater things. XD I love the new bookmarks (I needed some badly) and Natu is awesome, the Umbreon pin was random but it works with my cosplay, and that Drifloon is the best thing ever. XD I purposely got cheapy charms so I wouldn’t be afraid of using and losing them, but they’re just too precious! <3 I knew this would happen…

I was AMAZED to see two full bins of Banpresto plushies at a Canadian con! It was a terrific assortment of mostly 5th gen Pokemon, all incredibly adorable! I’ve never seen any of these in person, and they’re just beautiful. I noticed the booth because I saw huge starter plushies from the back, and I totally flipped out! My friends stared at me as I dug through those bins like a maniac, and I got my fave cat Pokemon and the evo of my fave 5th gen starter. It was hard to resist buying more. =D

And a Tardis bag, because the artist at that table wasn’t doing very well and I knew it’d be perfect for my sister (even though I really love it XD). Lots of people complimented me on it, haha.

I hoped to see zukan, which I’ve seen previously at cons, but alas, no such luck. I really want a cheap Raikou, shiny or not. But honestly, Serperior and Purrloin are pretty damn good, and too cute!

hebilea was super awesome and giving away bits of her old collection, so here’s what I got!
Meowth looks like a Pokedex or MC+ figure and will be for my friend, and I know another of my friends would like Rattata (though I’m unsure if it might be a bootie). I love Grovyle, so he's for me. :3

And now for some pictures by collection/type/whatever!

From the McDonalds promotion I got the figures I wanted and more. These are the first fast food toys I have ever displayed in my room, and I have no regrets. XD Snivy and Zekrom were the only ones I really wanted, the other two are for my friend in Ottawa, who missed the promotion since she was in Germany. She has a German Raikou for me, though!

Card-wise I got the Snivy I wanted (it actually came with the figure XD) and I love that I have all the starters, though they were all French! Here are almost all of my non-English cards – the first two rows and Aeordactyl are all French, Drowzee looks German and Pikachu should be Spanish. I also have a French Surfing Pikachu and Japanese Grovyle, incidentally he’s a McDonalds promo, haha.

My modest little Grovyle collection
The kid, zukan piece, Hasbro, and my single aforementioned Japanese card. Not included is a little Grovyle phonestrap I got on the comm ages ago which looks bootleg.

My Zangoose/Zangeese
TFG, zukan, single card and a cool custom I got two years ago at Otakuthon from a girl who is still my friend and I still commission to this day. :D

I seriously need more of this guy. Zukan, charm from the Heroes promo and the clearfile from the same promo, which you cans see in full here. I really need Mewtwo stuff from that promo - if anyone ever sees this guy please do let me know!

To my understanding, these are Pokedex figures? I didn’t get bases or anything with them, so I’m just guessing here. If anyone knows, that’d be great. :)

All my kids, in the order I received them. Electabuzz was on my birthday cake maybe 10 years ago, and I had no idea wtf he was. XD Aerodactyl I found in a bin full of bootlegs, but it looks legit to me, the next three were birthday gifts, and the last two were from members here.

Stop! Plushie time!
All my plushies together! X3 Lance and Mewtwo are my biggest plush and favouritest characters from the series, so they get centre-stage, with the Mew groupies hanging out with them. Everyone else is sorted by generation, so you can pretty much tell my love for each gen that way. XD It's gone quite a way since my last plushie group shot. :D

Strong but adorable! I love these guys with a passion, they are just too cute! Salamance is my least favourite, and I’d be happy to sell him at some point since I’m running out of space!

All my kitties (and one fox sneaking in there)! I didn’t intend this, haha – I love cats, but these days I’m more of a dog person. XD Purrlion is definitely my favourite cat Pokemon. The plush are also lined up by generation/when they came out. :3

My zukan collection! Omg I love these guys, I love comparing their sizes, even if I don’t like how tiny Grovyle is. I try to keep pretty modest collections, and there are a few zukan I’d still like (Raikou, Snivy, Purrlion), I know I’d at least like to get rid of Gallade – I like Gardevoir, but the male equivalent does nothing for me. XP

FENGNWRGHHAERHTRS LOOK HOW COOL THIS IS I CANNOT EVEN. This picture includes some of my favourite Pokemon, along with Pokemon I use in-game, and it just looks so bad-ass I can’t get over it! My only regret is that I don’t have a psychic-type I really like (they’re my favourite type), and that Grovyle is so effing tiny. Otherwise, this is just so damn cool for me! <3

Lastly, identification help, please?

My friend said she’s has these for ages and gave them to me, and I know nothing about them. Are they pencil boards? Does anybody want them?
Photobucket Fronts
Photobucket Backs
The one on the right uses a lot of plain stock art, but everything on the left looks like it was drawn separately? I have no idea how official these are.

Thanks for looking!

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