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Collection post~

Okay so I finally had time to take some pictures of my small collection of Pokemon stuff!
My room has very poor lightning so I had to use flash which ruined the pics. :c

Pretty much all my stuff is either years and years old or bought, very overpriced, from cons.

This is my bookshelf where I keep all my stuff.
I'm running out of space as you might see, especially with my plushies. I really hope that when I move out soon-ish with my girlfriend, there would be more space for our Pokemon stuff. :'D

My main focus, Dialga.
Yes, my collection is very small now, but I'm trying to grow it, little by little!
I don't have any Dialga plushies, because they seem to be expensive. I once saw a huge Dialga plush along with Palkia at a con last year, but I couldn't buy just one, and they were like 200€. x__x
But I'm happy for my collection so far! c: My faves are the Kids, I love Pokekids~

Some Kids and few random figures. Also those... Paper things with Walky Pikachu, Eevee and Mew.
And my small and SUPER cute Piplup scarf, I got from Osaka's Pokecenter.

More Kids and random figures I have. That Tomy Ho-oh in plastic wrapping... My girlfriend bought it from some kind of a super market in Japan and the counter lady was wrapping it for like 20 minutes. That's why I haven't opened it, I thought that was just so nice to do. ;w;

And here's all my plushies.
A friend got me those little Zorua's off eBay, I think they are bootlegs/rejects but I still love them. :'3
My poor reversable Psyduck lost his feet D: One of my favorites are the McDonalds Phanpy! It's so cute and soft~

I also have no idea what series those little one on the front are (Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Squirtle). I remember getting them for birthday present when I was kid, these was a big Pokeball with the set where you could fit one of them... D:
I would be gald if anyone knew what series they are part of!

That's pretty much my collection (minus my TCG's, forgot to picture them lol), hope you enjoy seeing it. :'D
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