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new sales post!

hey guys, long time no see! I have a collection update and reintro in the works, but firstly have some SALES AAAAGH

includes this very very rare eevelutions money box!

I live in the UK and I ship worldwide

I accept paypal ONLY unless you live in the UK

Prices do NOT include postage and fees. They are charged seperately.

I deal in USD, ONLY exception is UK residents who can't pay via paypal.

Please state where you live in your order so I can calculate shipping accordingly

I DO accept trades! My wants lists are located:
here: thetroublewithgibles.weebly.com/wanted-list.html
here: fizzycat.livejournal.com/8155.html#cutid1
here: fizzycat.livejournal.com/8300.html
and here: fizzycat.livejournal.com/8547.html

Haggling is welcome! Just don't be offended if I don't accept!

I will hold items for 24 HOURS MAXIMUM unless you're waiting for offers/auctions to end OR I have dealt with you before. After this amount of time has passed I will put your item back on sale. IF YOU INQUIRE ON SHIPPING PRICES AND DO NOT RESPOND TO ME IN 24 HOURS I I WILL SELL YOUR ITEMS IF SOMEONE ELSE IS INTERESTED IN THEM. Sorry guys!

Please put your LJ name and what you purchased in the note section in paypal when you pay for your order

PLEASE DO NOT PM ME OFFERS. I will only count your offer/order if you post in the thread.

Sales permission granted by lineaabla on 31st August, 2010

rare mewtwo beanie hat: up for offers! minimum offer accept price: $10. starts at $5

pokemon the first movie stamp set! sealed as new, featuring pikachu and mewtwo. Up for offers! starts at $5, minimum accept price: $10

putting my small mewtwo collection back up for offers regrettibly :C here are my minimum accept prices on each individual item:
mewtwo zukan: $20
european candy figure: $10
mewtwo movie 'zukan' figure: $5
clear mewtwo kid: direct sale at $2
mewtwo tomy (some playwear) direct sale at $1
mewtwo arms up kid: direct sale $2
mewtwo roller figure (playworn) direct sale $1

talking mewtwo is NOT FOR SALE sorry guys!

bonsly UFO plush: $5

cyndaquil phone strap: SOLD
totodile keychain: SOLD
sentret keychain: $5 or best offer
togepi meiji charm: $2 hold
mudkip cup: SOLD
torchic keychain (no longer works) $2
mew charm is SOLD

tape dispensers! Includes original tape covered in cute pokemon! Pictures are of the front and back, featuring deoxys, groudon, rayquaza and lucario. $3 each
Groudon tape SOLD

character keychains! includes the pokeballs they come with. Pikachu, piplup and chimchar available. $2 each

misty tomy figure: $4
mew pull back toy (slight paint chip on one eye) $3
mew dome figure (dome is scuffed) $2.50 HOLD

eevee hanging decoration! $7, very heavy!

mint umbreon and glaceon kids: $6 each or best offer
glaceon damaged (lots of paint loss) $2
togekiss: $2 hold
cute pikachu kid: $1

zekrom, reshiram, oshawott and kibago kids: $3 each

pidove, sandile, tepig, pansage kids: $2 each


ALL OF THE FOLLOWING KIDS ARE $1 EACH UNLESS STATED, a few kids have very minor paintloss/playwear


Magikarp SOLD

turtwig BK card holder: $2
dialga candy figure with ball: $3 HOLD
Dialga attack kid: $2
arceus candy figure: $1
dialga attack candy figure: $2 HOLD

cute torchic TFG fig on a neat little plastic base! $2

all TFG's $5 each apart from salamence who is $3 due to playwear

SOLD: Landon, brock, tyranitar, aron

jakks breloom: $4 SOLD
jakks aipom: SOLD
jakks munchlax and machop: $1

hasbro togepi and hoothoot: ON HOLD
hasbro raichu: $3 SOLD
reversable mantyke: $1 
reversable raichu (missing his tail :C) $1 OR FREE WITH HASBRO RAICHU SOLD

vulpix magnet mip: $3
suicune phone charm: $2
plusle, minun and pikachu badge: $1
dragonite, rattata, omastar, venomoth, charmeleon pogs: 50c each

rare flying type sticker card: $2 SOLD
reshiram/zekrom coins: $0.50c each

raikou and entei zukans MIP: $4 each

psyduck and clefairy pollipop holders: $1 each
mow and wash rotom chous: $2 each (mow rotom missing its base) WASH ROTOM SOLD
psyduck keychain: $1
blastoise roller: SOLD
froslass and clear pikachu candy figures: $3 each FROSLASS SOLD
munchlax and machop candy figures: $1 each

stak magnets $1 each, apart from raichu who is damaged and $0.50c
features: umbreon, jolteon, vulpix, ponyta, ho-oh, dratini, slowbro

staraptor zukan: $12 or best offer
Torterra is SOLD

espeon pan sticker: $3

aerodactyl stamps: $1 the pair

charizard play by play: SOLD
charizard hasbro beanie: SOLD
heatran and palkia candy figurea: $1 each
palkia/dialga tissue pack: SOLD

totem pole figures! these stack on top of each other. Features wailmer, skiploom and minun: $1 each

togepi lollypop holder: $1 HOLD

EU exclusive staraptor attack figure: $3, very playworn
empoleon thinkchip (slightly damaged) $1

kangaskhan with baby out of pouch zukan: $15 HOLD
paras/parasect zukan: SOLD
darkrai zukan: sold

blastoise sketch deckbox! very rare.has a small crack on one corner and some wear. $35

PLAYING CARDS! very rare and very old. There are two versions of each card; one with a charizard back and one with a venusaur back. If you see multiple of a pokemon, it means it's the different backed version.

all $1 each:
dragonite, eevee, jolteon, flareon, vaporeon, mewtwo, aerodactyl, vulpix, ninetales, red trainer

all $1 each APART from the gym leader card, which is $2
kanto gym leaders, professor oak, zapdos, moltres, articuno, arcanine, growlithe

all 50c each
geodude, charmander, vileplume, gloom, sandslash, koffing, grimer, sandshrew, hitmonchan, porygon, poliwag, magikarp, squirtle, victreebel, weepinbell, bellsprout, tauros, doduo

all 50c each
snorlax, diglett, hitmonlee, poliwag, magikarp, pidgey, abra, koffing, grimer, gengar, snorlax, electabuzz, spearow, onix, lickitung, weedle, rattata, kangaskhan

all 50c each
voltorb, doduo, voltorb, magnemite, pikachu, caterpie, bulbasaur, magmar, spearow, onix, lickitung, weedle, rattata, geodude, charmander, persian, meowth, pinsir

all 50c each:
abra, diglett, hitmonlee, rhyhorn, oddish, hitmonchan, tauros, kangaskhan, pikachu, caterpie, pidgey, rhyhorn, magnemite, primape, bulbasaur, mankey, scyther, porygon, arbok, ekans


rare breloom topps card: SOLD
foil wartortle card: $1
foil ninetales, alakazam, poliwag: $0.75 (slightly damaged)
all the rest are $0.50c each
ninetales, arcanine, growlithe, charizard, dragonite, vaporeon BK card

all 50c each
gastly, ponyta, weepinbell, jessie, nidorino, hitmonlee, farfetched (25c, damaged and in french) eggcecute, cubone, chansey, hitmonchan, graveller, tentacruel, beedrill, ivysaur, golduck, raichu

all 50c each
rapidash, magnemite, magneton, seel, dewgong, onix, grimer, muk, shellder, cloyster, haunter, gengar, drowzee, hypno, krabby, kingler, voltorb, electrode

all 50c each
nidorino, ivysaur, charmeleon x2, charizard, pidgeot, exeggutor, likitung, koffing, weezing, rhyhorn, rhydon, tangela, kangaskhan, horsea, seadra, topps series 1 checklist, topps series 2 checklist

episode cards: 50c each

all 50c each
pokemon scent-sation, ash, jessie, todd, james, cassidy

jessie code card: 50c
pokemon center sticker sheets (a few stickers have been used) 50c each

Be sure to check out my NON-POKEMON sales as well! includes harry potter goods and a few spyro and digimon things :)

thats all for now guys! I'll update with more items as I find them, and I LUV UUUU <3333
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