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Collection post! I'm new and this is ma stuff!

Hi - I'm new here.. I've been reading stuff for a month or so and have bought a few things.. but this is my first post! I'm excited to share my collection as I have been enjoying everyone else's so much :)

I took some pics a few week ago with collection all spread out, cause otherwise it's all tucked away in crevices...

Then I bought a load more stuff so here are some pics of my room as it is set up now...


And my new bed that I share with my besties :3

There's a little more.. but there is a lot of pictures here already XD.

I live in the UK and I'm looking to start Blastoise and Raichu collections. I also want all the UK merch such as board games etc. I mainly scour carboot sales and ebay for all low price pokemon stuff! I don't know if one exists.. it would save me a job if it does.. but I want to start a website that lists all merchandise available - starting in UK / Europe and then maybe USA. As there is an uncountable amount in Japan! Anyhoo.. that's me! I hope my collection is of interest and that I make some good friends here <3

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