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Offering a lot, & mini collection update

Hello there everyone,

It's been a long time since I posted anything here (probably about 5 months or so), so I'm kind of trying to get back on track with this community and all of the updates and such. I've still been collecting though!

Now that I've said that, I've been clearing out a lot of packages and stuff out of my room (due to having a new large bookshelf to showcase my collections that I've received for my birthday last month, although I still need another bookshelf lol). So, that stuff has been put into a lot that I guess I'll show here on the comm...

Some lot photos:

Jakks/Hasbro Plush Stuff

Figure Stuff

Pokemon Center Stuff

Scans of the Arceus Mini Clearfile:
Front ViewBack View

Cards (which are from 9 packs of Black and White, 1 pack of HGSS Triumphant, & McDonalds Promos)

Consists of Commons, Uncommons, Rares, & Rare Holos/Reverse Holos

Ok, well that's it for the lot photos! I'll figure out a price I'm looking for in a few minutes to an hour. I was thinking maybe about $70 shipped? Any suggestions?

And in other news, here's what I've been collecting lately (there's a lot more, but I'm not doing a full collection update until about the end of December to January, unless you all want to see some Sonic The Hedgehog merch XD):

Palkia Settei Sheets! Thank you very much [info]meowllz!

Lately, I've decided to collect Reshiram to go along with Zekrom & Kyurem as collections! I think his figures have better poses than Zekrom's in some cases (especially the Overdrive zukan, but of course I still like Zekrom better). So, here we have the Jakks Deluxe figures, Tomy Pose Fugures, & their Movie Edition Overdrive Zukans.

So that's just about it for this po-

Oh wait! I almost forgot! For over two years I have been pet-less (after my last cat had passed away). But during August, my family adopted some new kittens for our house, so I'm happy to announce that my house is now pet-friendly! :D

And that's it! :)

Also, does anyone else have problems with LJ repeatedly screwing up the LJ cuts? I know I have been these past two hours! >:(
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