lyndsay (lyndsaygorawr) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New jakks! sales!

So my boyfriend and I went to target and not to my surprise still no new jakks plush...
and of course I was super dissapointed once again.
We originally went there to get some floor mats for my boyfriends car but they were kinda spendy there so we decided to go to handy dandy fred meyers
I decided to browse the toy section thinking they didn't have Pokemon merch because they never have in the past besides Pokemon cards and BAM to my surprise I saw them! All of the new jakks plush! As I shouted "OMG!!! THEY HAVE THEM!!!!" xD ahahahah
Anyways! I really only want to keep axew
So the rest are for sale! :D
I was granted sales permission on 7/20/11 by dakajojo

for one shipped in the us is $15.76
Int shipped for one will be $18.85

(Bran spanking new)
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