snowtigermar (snowtigermar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

looking for mew cards

Hi guys. Just throwing this out there if anyone has Mew TGCs they're looking to sell. Hoping to pay less than $5 for each- I'm not really a collector, I just like the art :) I would prefer holo, but will consider regs. No reverse holo please. I'd like them to be in pretty mint condition, a least on front. And I would prefer english, but if the cards are only made in japanese, no problem.

These are the ones I found off eBay. I'm sure there are more... but can't find them!
Someone on the com posted complete Mew collection- if someone knows that post can you post me the link?

And if you have any Mew flats I'll look at those too :D
Tags: mew
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