Rai-chan (rainyan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Magnet GA!

A tiny announcement: All the items bought from me have now been shipped! :3

And now my actual post... I was watching this lot for a while, really wanted it, and then I got a better idea: I'll try my hand at a group auction! So let's do this!

The threads have been made, BID BID BID! :D
Note: I decided to make the bidding end a couple of days earlier since we're doing so great already and I want to be able to BIN this as soon as possible :3

Rules & info

- Sales permission granted on 03/02/11 by dakajojo
- I will be doing everything, I ship from Finland. I will claim Raichu and Mew in the upper picture for $8+.
- All magnets start at $1, please bid in minimum increments of $1.
- Just to make things easier, there will be only two payments: The first one is combined items/shipping to me and the second one is for the shipping from me to you.
- I want payments within 3 days after I make the spreadsheet! After that I will PM people and I you still don't pay negative feedback will be left.
- All the PKMN Collectors community rules apply. No sniping, no deleting bids, reply to the current highest bidder etc. Remember to play nice :3
- The GA will end on Sunday September 25 at 11PM CST. Countdown HERE.

Information by the seller:
28 Pokemon Found Here Image 3 magnets aligned with all 48 bullets were 1-6 or something I think of Candy.
Condition: Used

Bidding is over!
Tags: group auction
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