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Pokemon lot sale/blackberrypie ga update!

Hello everyone! Today I bring a lot for sale (sorry for posting so soon but I need to make room for my new Pokemon! Lol plus I am trying to stick to my main collections)
So I bring this lot to you today.

This lot includes jakks plush/figures Hasbro plush banpresto arceus a few pokedolls custom Pokemon keychains and one necklace all made by me and a bunch a tcg's.

(Sorry for the bad picture my mom took this and it was super hard to explain to her what I wanted her to take a picture of so I blacked out all the plush I still want to keep.)
But the lot also includes the huge meowth and togepi plush the big poliwerl plush (slightly loved) and the jakks plush the pachirsu is loved.

The plusle and Minun are booties so is the pichu but it is still amazingly cute.
I want $320 shipped for this lot. I will only ship this in the US. Cause it will cost ALOT to ship international.
Feel free to ga this. C:

All cards are in good condition besides ninetails the back of the card there is a smallish rip
the cards include all the holos and some fossil first editions it includes mostly commons and uncommon cards there is also some trainers (some holo ones) and a couple of energies.

Just a close up of the figures.

Just letting everyone know who participated in the blackberrypie ga that it has arrived to me safe and sou d! I am in the process of going threw it all and getting everything ready to be shipped. There are extras that I will make a post about once I have everything organized! Thanks a bunch. C:

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