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Wants list!

Edit: Also, question for Y!J/Japanese-fluent collectors: what is the term for pokemon kids in Japanese? (For example, Zukan is 立体ポケモン図鑑.) Thanks!

Hello everyone! I hope the community is having a good week. Just a wants list post - I updated it with some other Lati@s figures, shiny kids, clear kids, Mystery Dungeon figures and some other stuff as well. Take a look if you'd like!

Some of the items don't pop up very often and are thus tough to price, but if you having anything on the list let me know and I'm sure we can work something out ^^
Lati@s Wants:

Lati@s clear Jakks figures

Latias attack Shiny Kid (left) (and a clear regular-colored latias attack kid, if they exist?)

Shiny (far right) and clear (middle) attack Latios kids. 

Clear regular Latios kid (and a clear regular Latias, too)
^ The above images were taken and rehosted (to prevent bandwidth flooding) from

Other kids:

Shiny 'kip (I know this guy was in an auction recently, but I unfortunately slept in and it expired before I had time to bid xP)
^ Image by ~mana-mihara:

- Regular Mudkip line kids

Mystery dungeon house figures:

I'm interested in both the figures with the house and also house figures alone.

Thanks as always =)

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