Squeedge (monstersexual) wrote in pkmncollectors,

WANTS - Toto line, Rhyhorn/Rhydon, Nidoking

Hey fellow collectors! This is my first post to the community in a looong, long time, jeez. I'm still horribly overdue for a collection post, but I keep thinking "I should wait until my collection is less measly before posting pictures..."

Anyway, I'm looking for items of any of the above Pokemon, but in particular Totodile-line (especially Feraligatr and Croconaw), Rhyhorn/Rhydon and Nidoking! I mostly collect figures, but plush and flats are a-okay too!

- Feraligatr Attack Kid (the only one I'm missing!)
- Croconaw figures... any of them, I only have the kid.
- Toto-line battle museum
- Toto-line chous
- Rhydon/Rhyhorn Zukan
- Rhydon/Rhyhorn kids
- Nidoking/Nidorino kids

I'm not looking to spend too much right now (no more than $20 on any one thing, anyway), but I do have a bit of "fun money" at the moment, so I'm giving it a go.
Tags: wanted
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