qubeley087 (qubeley087) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales Adventure!

Stuff for sale under the cut! Kids, Zukan, Pokedolls...

Luxio, Empoleon, Luxray - $5
Shinx, Riolu, Munchlax - $4
Grotle, Darkrai - $3
Bronzor - $1

Clear Gengar - $6
Lucario, Flareon, Drifblim - $5
Darkrai - $3
Charmander, Diglett - $2.50

Sold Drifloon and Drifblim Zukan - $10

Sold Shinx, Luxio, Luray Zukan - $10

On the move Pokeymans! $4 each.

Munchlax Pokedoll - $10

Sold Pachirisu Pokedoll - $12

Sold Riolu Pokedoll - $11

Chimchar Pokedoll - $10

Sold Palkia Pokedoll - $11

Banpresto Shieldon UFO Catcher doll - Around Pokedoll size, but plumper. $15!

Tomy Big Soft Vinyl / Jumbo PVC Charmander - No tag, $5

Sold Tomy Big Size Soft Vinyl / Jumbo PVC Vulpix - No tag, $7

Takara / Tomy Monster Collection. Loose, Mint, Japanese - no bootlegs!
Darkrai (Action) - $2
Dialga - $2

Charmander Beanies
Both have 'eh' tags - $4 for the big one, $3 for the little.

Please reply to reserve items with your email address - I'd really prefer paypal, but I will take concealed cash and money orders - no checks. Be warned that an MO or cash must arrive within a week, however that'll work out. Post with any questions! I'm located in the US and will use First Class to mail small items, flat rate envelopes for bigger - I'll be as cheap as possible.

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