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Yet Another Sales Post

Hello to all again! ^_^ I've been meaning to do THIS sales post for awhile, but never got around to it. I'm hoping there will be more stuff here that you guys like/want. :)

Before anyone clicks on the sales post link, I just have one question: Who was the culprit behind the "sneak attack" during last night/this morning's bid assault on ebay for the Dragonite and Pikachu plushies?! *shifty eyes* I'd like to say "DAMN YOU!!" but also shake your hand for a brilliant maneuver during last seconds of the auction. *extends hand* Be sure to post your winnings when you get them so I can pout some more. XD Also, if anyone on here was the other person I was "battling" with, you put up a good fight. *nods* I realize Pokemon fans do NOT need sleep when an item we want is on the line. XD Plus, i think we all had a good laugh out of the fact that the guy selling the plushies had NO clue what they were. Haha! He thought Dragonite was Charizard. Luckily, he called it Charzard, so only the select three of us Poke-fans found it... mostly likely by accident. :)

Anyhoo, on to the sales!

Cards some first in this post, cuz I gotta get rid of them. Here we have 4 gold star cards, "fireworks" Golem, and gold border Kingdra.
Mewtwo: $8 (he's the second one I've pulled. ^^;)
Rev. Holo Golem: $4
Kingdra: $3
Grumpig, Cacturn: $1
Chansey: $2 (she's from unseen forces)

Mew: $5
Pikachu riding Wailmer (error card; upside-down pokeball): $5
Mudkip (tin promo): $5
Metagross: $3
Piplup: $2

Non-holo rare cards:
1st edition Moltres: $6 (click here for a closer look)
1st edition Unknown G: $2 (the non-first edition is behind it. It's $1)
1st edition Dark Magcargo: $2
Elekid e-card: $2
Rocket's Dark Magneton: $2
Misdreavus Promo x2 (accidentally put it with these cards ^^;): $1
everything else is $1
Gone: Gengar

Pachirisu x2, Sunny Castform, Pidgeot, Dewgong: $1
Dark and Steel energy, German trainer card: 50¢
Japanese Neo trainer cards: 50¢

Non-english holo cards:
Japanese Neo Jumpluff: $5
German Kangaskan and Ninetails: $4

Holo energy cards: $1 each or take all for $5
One leaf sold

Topps Character cards: They have frayed edges. Very slight. Otherwise, in perfect condition.
50¢ each, except for the James on top. He's holo: $1
I have duplicates of:
Ash/Pikachu x4
Brock x3
Staryu x2
Gary x4 one sold
Jesse x5
James x5
Meowth x4
Ekans/Arbok x9
Koffing/Weezing x6

All cards below are 25¢ unless stated otherwise.

Topps Psychic Pokemon:
Drowzee x5 one sold
Hypno x2

Grass, Fire, Ground:
Bulbasaur x5
Venasaur x2
Ponyta x3 one taken
Rapidash x2 one taken
Growlithe x3 one taken
Ninetails x2 one taken
Dugtrio x3
Marowak x5
Sold: Charmander

Poison Pokemon:
Nidorino x2
Zubat x5
Ekans x3
Grimer x3
Koffing x5

Flying Pokemon:
Moltres and Aerodactyl are 50¢ each
Farfetch'd x2
Pidgeot x3
Spearow x6
Doduo x5

Normal Pokemon:
Persian x4
Nurse Chansey x3
Kangaskhan x4
Tauros x2
Raticate x7
Wigglytuff x6

Bug Pokemon:
Pinsir x3
Beedrill x5
Venonat x4
Venomoth x4
Sold: Parasect

Ghost Pokemon:
Gastly x3
Haunter x3
Gengar x5

Electric Pokemon:
Note: the pikachu balloon one is clear and 50¢
Raichu x4
Magneton x2
Voltorb x5
Electrode x5
I accidentally took a pic of the Viz Video action flips with these. ^^; These were distributed for a limited time in certain Pokemon Viz Videos. I have others, but these two are the only ones i wanna part with. They are very unique and well done. $2 each

Plastic glow-in-the-dark Pokemon: 25¢ each
Sold: Lickitung, Gastly

Little Pokemon quiz things. I forgot where I got these, but they are very cute. The back of each one has a question regarding the Pokemon/item on the front. 25¢ each
Sold: Gengar, Raticate, Electebuzz

~Old school 1999 Charmander kid. I have two of these and it's VERY hard letting go of this one. ;_; It was distributed domestically. Not an import. It's highly detailed and in almost perfect condition. His tail is a bit faded from sun exposure. I'm asking $4 for him. Give him a good home. :3 SOLD
~1998 Snorlax bean plush. He's quite dirty. For some reason, he was like that when I bought him at Rite Aid YEARS ago. o_o Damn kids! =P I can clean him up upon request. He's $1.50

Psyduck is still available for $6

Pokemon Battling Coins: this is is perfect condition. Comes with all the original inserts and plastic container. $5
Note: You may ask to buy them individually, but I would prefer to sell them as a set. It keeps the coins in better shape. :)
TOMY Psyduck/Koduck tissue holder(?): $4 Sold

Premier edition Artbox action flips in pristine condition: $1 each
Clefairy, Omanyte/Omastar, Machop/Machoke, Hitmonlee, Jigglypuff, Geodude/Graveler, Exeggcute/Exeggutor, Drwozee/Hypno, Abra/Kadabra, Machop/Machoke x2

Series One Artbox action flips: 50¢ each
Nidoran/Nidorino/Nidoking, Ryhorn/Rydon, Koffing/Weezing, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Cubone/Marowak, Voltorb/Electrode, Drowzee/Hypno, Seel/Dewgong, Doduo/Dodrio, Geodude/Graveler/Golem, Bellsprout/Weepinbell/Victreebel, Venonat/Venomoth, Paras/Parasect, Clefairy/Clefable, Rattata/Raticate

Forgot the Snorlax Series One action flip. ^^; Munchlax marble is 10¢ Sold. The cardboard coins are 25¢ each. Palkia stamper: $1. Owark/Onix stamper keychain: $1

Pokemon chapstick from 1999 with Pikachu rubber kid on top. The chaptick is still good. Trust me! ^_~ I still use my own from way back when. It's not the best tasting lip balm, but the Pikachu kid is well worth it. :) He's very thick, unlike the kids you see today. $3
Giant Topps Pikachu w/balloons card: $1.50
Pikachu yo-yo: never been used. Still has tape wrapped around the outside of where the string comes loose. It's a tad dirty from laying in a large tub for years. $1
Squirtle and Bellossom cards: I think these came with an Easter egg coloring set. Not too sure. The back of Bellossoms's card is smudgy. 50¢ each

Chikorita and Slowking were cardboard cut-outs in perfect condition: 50¢ each
Topps Geodude/Graveler/Golem sticker sheet: 25¢

I have no idea where I go these. ^^;; It seems like they belong to some game. They are cute, none-the-less. :) 25¢ each

More Pokemon paper coins: 25¢ each
Metagross coin is 50¢
Sold: Vulpix, Pikachu tcg coin

Tins still available: Palkia and Dialga are $4 each
Other tin is $3

Tatt sheet: $2 Sold
Valentine cards: set is $5. Envelopes included. If you'd like the box they came in (above the cards), please add 50¢ . There is a hole in the back caused by me cutting out the Feraligatr room protector sign. :)

Carried over from my last sales post.
Jakks figures are $5 each, except for Buizel who is $4. He has a poor paint job. For a pic, click here
Note: I also have a Plusle Jakks figure for sale. If you'd like a pic, just ask.
Absol TFG: $5
Sold: Roselia

The stickers and tatt sheet that are left from my first sales post. Still free with purchase. :)
Taken: Tatt Sheet

The reject Jakks figures. ^^; As stated before, they are made of thin plastic. Bought them at Big Lots for $2 each. You may add them to your order at 50¢ each.
Taken: Piplup, Buizel

Please inquire about shipping charges. I will calculate according to how much you've ordered and where you live. International shipping will be, of course, more expensive. I prefer Paypal and Money Order, but you may used concealed cash at your own risk.

Thank you for looking! ^__^
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