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Kyrios and Jet do Philadelphia (and a collection update!)

Last weekend I went out of state for a certain mod's wedding and two of my Pokemon tagged along! :D It was a very eventful trip involving Pokemon and lots of fellow collectors, so I let my Pokemon take part in it as much as possible and I recorded their misadventures wherever they went.

Kyrios the Sky Plate Arceus and Jet the Braviary invite you to click the cut!

During the plane ride on Thursday, the two both got a peek of their natural elements.

Sadly, Kyrios's ribbon got messed up during the flight. ;~;

On Friday there was lots of hanging out and fun... but I had forgotten to take any pictures! At least on Saturday, the day of the wedding, I began to take lots of pictures of my and others' Pokemon. :D Starting with the wedding itself!

Afterwards, everybody headed to the Eagle Tavern for the reception (and very very GOOD food).

pacificpikachu's plushies were very photogenic~

On the way back, there was a tree full of turkey vultures. Jet couldn't stop checking out all dem Mandibuzzes.

On Sunday there was a trip to the zoo, where Jet met his close relatives...

...and left with a new friend!

Later that night was dinner!

I assure you, he's over level 21...

Monday was the last day. While waiting for the plane to go home, Jet hung out with the local football team.

And what about Pokemon swag? During my stay, I had Sunyshore delivered right to me- kids figures of Mandibuzz, Archeops and Archen and a MIB Quilava TOMY (who will stay minty fresh!).

When I arrived at home, a much anticipated package from moguryuu was waiting for me...!

Laminated charms, and oh-so ADORABLE ones at that! ♥ Pokemon Time shiny Braviary kills me with cute and Staraptor Pokedoll is so adorably grumpy! :D

And of course, the star of the package- the Bandai EU-exclusive flying Staraptor! I've had my sights on this guy for a very long time, and I'm so happy to own him now because he's far more awesome than expected. :D A huge thanks to moguryuu for fetching this hard to get dude for me, along with of course, the utterly PERFECTLY adorable charms!

The Monferno that was packaged with Staraptor will be sold at a later date!

Thanks for looking!
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