zugagirl (zugagirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick little plushies GA + Walky Mew up for offers

Hi ! Today I found an interresting little lot of plushies. I'll try to GA it !
This lot start at a cheap price ♥

Sales  permission granted on 07/20/11 by Dakajojo.

Rules and Claims :

- No sniping, no deleting or retracting bids. This is against comm. rules.
- Don't bid if you're not sure to be able to pay.
- Bid in increments of $1 or more.
- Each plush start at $3.

- I'll be claiming Lucario for $10+.

Shipping and Payment :

- Payment by Paypal only.
- I'll do the shipping from France
- The auction is from Noppin. So, there will be three payments.
- Please made the payment ASAP when your total has been calculated. Do not pay will result to a negative feedback.


Also, I put my Walky Mew plush for offers. I need a good home for him and I'll only accept the best offer.
He's like new with tags.

Other sales are located here, I'm open to haggle.

Tags: group auction, sales
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