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Well, one turtle in particular. It'd be a fun collection to do all turtles but I simply don't have the money or the time, so I focus more on my gf's snorlax collection. :3 To be off topic but still on Pokemon topics, is there a clear snorlax kid? Does anyone have one? :D

ANYWAYS, on to turtles. Juice turtles, to be specific. :3

Does anyone have any information on Shuckle kids? I've seen a few around the comm, but not very many, and they look like they're hard to find. @_@ Does he have a clear kid, too? I would assume he does, but even after searching, I couldn't find anything. :( I'd be happy with any information or a picture or something. :) 

...But yeah, any shuckle kids or the clear snorlax kid (if he exists) are what I'm looking for. Anyone have any info/any way I might be able to obtain one easier/have one they're willing to sell? :D

Tags: kids, shuckle, snorlax, snorunt, wanted
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