jesswyn (jesswyn) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First Collection Update! Venonat and Venomoth (& friends)

Hey community! I've finally decided to do my first real collection update for you guys. I put it off for a while because I hadn't received the rest of my packages (and still haven't received some at all) but anyhoo here comes the fuzz!

EDIT: I forgot my flats! and the blank slots your seeing are reserved spaces for other collection peices :) and the cards that don't have Venonat or Venomoth on them, actually have hidden nats and moths you probley won't be able to see from the pictures. Sorry!

annnnnd I might as well do my other collection pictures as well :)

Yep, thats a hideous custom Ratata I made out of spare material. Also Psyduck has a cape.

I want to thank everyone for making my collection possible: 90% of the items I own I never knew existed before coming here. I'd list names individually, but it would take a loooooooong time to go through my emails and find the names :P Just know that I appreciate everyone I bought from :)

Also if anyone is interested, I have indivual photos of my collection on my website, although i havent uploaded all the non-venonat/venomoth stuff, and the nat/moth stuff i havent finished writing descriptions for, but the pictures are there!

OH in other news, my husband and sister in law were making something special for me for my birthday, but had to end up telling me about it before hand. They were making a folder with all original 151 pokemon cards from Base, Jungle, and Fossil TCG sets, they were more than halfway done too before I found out! and when I did I got teary, it's so beautiful, unfortunatly my camera went flat and the pictures of the folder turned out glare ridden and awful. Anyway, i've ended up getting every single card for the folder except one: Base set or base set 2 Charizard. So i'm asking if anyone here has one that I could buy? Condition isnt too important, but I'd like it to be not too pricey. Pic for reference :):

Thanks for looking & reading!
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