Honey (lovedbyahero) wrote in pkmncollectors,

The Cute Little GA

- Lynsdaygorawr and I will be co-hosting this lot. I am doing threads and spreadsheets whilst she is shipping and bidding from USA.

- There will be two payments. One for the lot + shipping to lyndsaygorawr then one payment for shipping from her to you!

- We both have sales permission

- All GA rules apply. If you are not sure what they are or have a question, check here or ask me in the comments before placing a bid.

- As such, anti-sniping rules are also in place. If a bid is placed 10 minutes before end, it will be auto-extended.

- Ends Thursday the 29th at 9.30pm PDT (countdown/timer is here)

- [info]lyndsaygorawr is claiming Cyndaquil Pokedoll for $30, I am claiming Pikachu Pokemon Time Strap for $10

- Bid retractions and late/non payments will result in negative feedback. Also, please don't make a comment in any bidding thread if you're not bidding (even if its to say you're giving up) as this can confuse people and the right people won't be notified which is unfair.

- Please pay promptly. Do not pay only to disappear, this will also get negative feedback.

2 Bound balls - brand new with capsule & insert
1 Pokemon Time Candy tin - brand new, only opened to see who it was, candy still inside (can be shipped with or without)
2 Pokemon Time phone straps - brand new
17 kids - various conditions, please judge from pictures
1 Wind-up Clefairy Toy - used in working condition
1 Pichu Figure - new
1 Dratini Tomy Figure - used
1 Pikachu Coin Bank - mint
2 Foam Pokeballs - brand new & sealed
1 Pikachu Plush - brand new with hang tag & tush tag
1 Cyndaquil Pokedoll - brand new with hang tag & tush tag (new square tag)
1 Lapras Pokedoll - brand new with hang tag & tush tag (red Pikachu tag)
Huge stack of cards - the stack is about as tall as 3 kids stacked, probably around 220+. They are all English cards, there are 7 holos, 18 rares, 76 uncommons, 19 misc cards that aren't TCG, the rest are common. 90% of the cards are in mint condition.

please wait until all threads are up before bidding!  
Go bid bid bid!
Tags: group auction
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