cluw (cluw) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Yay, packages!

I got some stuff in mail from two community members and one package from a friend in UK today!
Let's see what they included~

The upper left one was from a friend of mine, who is sadly not a community member yet!
Package next to it was from dunsparce!
And the letter was from mewstor! Thanks all~

Pokemon Pinball Mini for Pokemon Mini console! And it's brand new factory sealed.
My friend works in some game shop or something and they had few Pokemon Mini games in their storage so I asked if she could pick up one for me. ^^ I'm trying it out later today.

I got this Applause Charmeleon from dunsparce, I love it!
It's in very good condition too. o: Thank you so much for letting me buy him! :3

And last, but not least, a letter filled with Dialga flats from mewstor~
Stickers, tattoo and League promo card. Thanks for you too!

Also Photobucket is being dumb and rotating my pics all wrong. ._.
I tried to rotate them again, but PB keeps rotating them back... ):

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