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☆ foam pokemon magnets

Hello there, happy Tuesday, Tuesdays are nice. Two things today, actually. First, I’m opening up commissions for foam pokemon chibi magnets! Perfect for your refrigerator, locker, or any nearby magnetic surface, these are simple and miniature versions of my regular foam pokemon (for samples of what foam pokemon are, just follow this link). This is my first run with these little guys, so today they are set at the lovely price of $5 each! Click the banner or slip under the cut for more information.


Magnets are a flat $5 each. They are fun, tidy, and are smaller than regular foams, so after some thought, we decided this was a reasonable price. Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are the first ambassadors of foam Pokemon magnets, but we’ve been making foam Pokemon for a long time. For an idea of what foam pokemon are, please be sure to check out their page via the link in the opening paragraph.

To prove to you that they are, indeed, magnets, here is a photo of them on our refrigerator. Can you find our adventurous starters? Excuse the clutter, refrigerator-decorating is too fun.

For my rules and policies, please check out play by da rulez, a post containing my general selling policies. The only change is, shipping for any amount of magnets will be $1.80 ANYWHERE in the world, and this includes paypal fees.
Just comment here if you are interested in a magnet! State what Pokemon you'd and we can go from there!

Lastly, a sales reminder; I am still weeding vigorously through my collection, that means lots of goodies for you guys to pick through.

After much thought, I’ve tentatively added my Mew purse up for sale, so be sure to take a look. Click the banner to go.


Thank you, as always! ♥
Tags: custom, sales
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