Rythen Eugea (dunsparce) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rythen Eugea

A bit of an update

Both collection and sales-wise.

Now, I haven't gotten much in the mail in the way of collection. I'm assuming there's going to be a flood of Fighting Trio/Muskedeers merch at some point, so I'm holding out.
(This is partly why I've been weeding, too)

I do, however, have the beginnings of a new arrangement. This time all of my Pokemon plush (well, my talking Pika doesn't fit yet, and I have a Jakks Munchlax to shove in there) are with my collection. Even my large plush.

This was a daunting task at first, but I managed.

Raichu sits nicely at the top, and Zoroark fits in pretty well.
Lucario, however, is barely touching the top there. I'm pretty sure that right now it's just a matter of time before he tumbles over. It's been over a week, though, so let's see!

And next you see all my plush on one shelf. Well not all, just a good chunk of them. Fist Plate Arcues is with the fightings, and Zoroark doll is with the Zoroarks. And I have some more on a lower shelf.

My fights haven't changed much, but my Throh MPC is getting lonely. I gotta get up and find a Sawk (or run an MPC GA or something for him).

This is my misc shelf. Anything that has some sentimental value, or is a Raichu, goes here. Anything that's not part of the normal collections.

You can barely see Hasbro Raichu, and there's a Hasbro Eevee hidden in there. Along with a boxtopper Dark Raichu. I'll get better pictures when I get batteries for my camera (who seems to think it's funny to take fresh batteries to dead within an hour).

KFC beanies, Raikoudoll, Rotomdoll, Shaymindoll. The two land forme Shaymins are special. The Tomy was a b-day present while at Anime Expo, and the DX kid was bought at the same con. My MD figures (my first team (that I played much on) was Pikachu and Cyndaquil!)

A fun note about that Pikachu MD figure (the big one): I modified it to be a girl! If you look closely at the tail tip, it's the notched tail that denotes a female!

If I rattled on about why a lot of those items are special to me, we'd be here forever. Just know that, for one reason or another, these items in here are all ones I'd have more trouble parting with than even some of the items in my main collection!

phew that was a lot of text!

Eventually I'm hoping to have a TCG collection update. Maybe a video for that, it'd be quicker to go through everything.

Here is the sales update. I added some cards, and some things from older sales.
(I haven't shipped anything yet due to allergies taking me out today. I will combine.)
(I will also trade/partial-trade! I need some of the recent (HGSS-on) TCG cards!)

Also, what are the odds of anyone here just happening to have a Sawk MPC (the blue one)?
Cause I'd like one. No idea what it'd usually go for though.
Maybe $20?

I may set up a GA at some point though, if anyone likes Mandibuzz, Stoundland, Gothitelle, or Beartic
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