neeko48 (neeko48) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update, a request and sales!

Hey everyone! Decided to do a small collection update!
My espeon collection, amazingly I'm almost done! I never thought I'd get an espeon canvas, thanks cytric! And this awesomely chubby banpresto cherubi :3 I love cherubi and it was the last thing I wanted for my side collection.

Also a project. I have been sad at the lack of big thick pokemon journals (I'm an avid journal writer) so I decided to pull all the pan stickers off my computer and put them on my journal!

So here's where you guys come in, I am looking for pan stickers:

oshawott (smiling and jumping OR with the shell in hand), whimsicott, flareon and espeon (the one I have has lost its stickiness D:)

if anyone could help I'd be super happy! :D Thanks!

Also here are my sales! I'm going to be posting more soonish, because I did a lot of collection weeding recently.
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