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Mini-Portrait Commissions/Auctions!

Oh god more customs

I've finally decided to open for commissions on my mini Pokemon portraits! Interested? Just follow the cut! I'm only taking three slots for now, so grab them before they're gone!

- Granted sales permission on 8/4/11 by denkimouse
- I ship from PA, USA, and ship worldwide :3
- Each portrait is 4x6 inches large, drawn on sketchbook paper. Once completed, the drawings are removed form the book and then laminated to preserve the image. Perfect for displalying on a shelf or wall!
- The images are drawn in colored pencil, with a small amount of micron for outlines.
Base price for a portrait of one Pokemon is $20. The price may go up if the Pokemon requested is difficult to draw (such as Dialga, Zekrom, etc). Each extra Pokemon will be $5 (will go up if difficult). I'd prefer to limit it to 2 Pokemon per picture, but if you can persuade me to add a third, I may do it XD
- I WILL redraw Pokemon I've drawn before, just not in the same pose/background as I've prviously done. For example, I'd draw another Deino, but not with a sunset in the background.
- There are some Pokemon I may not be able to draw very well XD Mainly human-ish ones, like the Machop line or the Hitmon line. Just ask if you're curoius!
- I WILL do minor color changes/add small, simple accessories to Pokemon for no extra cost. Big accessories will be extra.
Shipping starts at $2.50 for USA residents, and $3.50 for non-USA residents. I ship these wrapped in bubble wrap/similar stuff, and put them in bubble mailers reinforced with cardboard.
PLEASE NOTE that I am in college, and along with that, do have a life. I can't spit these out in a day, unless I have a day with literally no work to do. These things may take time, and quite a bit of it, depending on my schedule! I'm not sure how long they will take (this is my first time doing this), but if you're worried about never recieving your drawing, don't be! If I take an order from you, you WILL get a drawing.

EXAMPLES (please note that these pictures are simply AWFUL, and that the drawings look 100% better in real life XD):


**These are shown unlaminated, in case you were wondering ;P

Just fill out this form!
Shiny?: (y/n)
Preferred Background: (if one)
See WIP sketch for final opinion?: (if you say yes, just please keep in mind that the final product may take more time to finish, since I may have to make changes!)
Other: (preferred pose, color changes, accessories, etc)


Also check out my pre-mades that I'm auctoning! There's an Oshawott and a Deino avaliable, starting at just $10 each! :D

- Bid in incraments of $1 please!
- No sniping
- reply to the current highest bidder, or your bid will not be counted!
- Auction will be quick; ends in just three days! (September 30, at 10pm Allentown, PA time) Countdown here.

Thanks guys! <3
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