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HUGE Collection Weeding SALE plus offers on GIANT TALKING LUGIA FIGURE!!!

Today's the day!!! I finally had a day where I didn't have class on the same day I didn't have work! :D Awesome right? So I bring you JiangWeiChick100's Sale to Pkmncollectors! Here's a little preview of what's inside!!! :D Lots of Jakks plush and figures! A few other figures of unknown origin, a few thinkchip figures, some burger king toys, and even some TOMY figures!!! Awesome right!? It is a HUGE sale and I mean HUGE!!! Click the cut to be transported!!! Sales Permission on 8/4/11 by denkimouse. Also, if someone could tell me how to make a permanant sales post that would be most helpful!

First off we need some rules:

1. No sniping and ALL Pkmncollectors rules apply!!!
2. I accept payment plans.
3. Shipping is from Maryland, USA
4. Payment is to be sent within 48 hours of purchase, otherwise I will put it back up for sale. PRICES DON'T INCLUDE SHIPPING!!!
5. Do not back out WITHOUT telling me first. I understand if an issue comes up but backing out after making an official sale will result in negative feedback.

Ok moving on!

ALL ARE MWT EXCEPT POLITOED WHO IS STILL MINT!!!  Jakks plush are 9.00 each except Politoed who is 8.50. The togepi is an old reversible plush and is 2.00.

I am unsure of their origin but they're both rather old. Meowth is for 1.50 and dratini is still in good condition with tush tag so Dratini is 5.00 SOLD: Dratini

Whole bunch of Jakks Figures.
Mew: 7.50
Ho-Oh, Drifblim, Porygon 2: 5.50
All others: 3.50

All thinkchip figures are 3.50 each SOLD: Herracross

I'm not exactly sure what these guys are...but they're takin up space so 2.00 each.

2 talking figures, Meowths tail is gone and does not work however marill works and few scuffs but nice condition. That's that spinarak that they made a shiny version of, very nice condition. Maker is hasbro I believe. Jiggly tape dispenser, never used, one of the eyes is a little melted?
Hasbro Spinarak Large Figure (no web): 8.00
Marill: 7.00
Meowth: 1.00
Jiggly: 2.00

Custom made shiny figures from tomys: 6.50 each.

Some Burger King Toys:
Palkia and Dialga Card boxes: 7.00 each
Pachirisu: 1.50 each
Tangela Top: 2.00
Psyduck Squirter: 2.00

Cereal buddies: Pichus 1.50 each Geodude: 1.00 each

A bunch of random figures. Most are made of vinyl? Skarmory, Psyduck Keychain, Arbok and Pachirisu are hard plastic. Jiggly is squishy foam and a little torn on one foot
Giant Vinyl Poliwhirl and Venesaur: 10.00 each SOLD: Venesaur
Small Vinyl Poliwrath, Small Venesaur, Psyduck and Poliwag: 5.00 each
Snorlax: 1.00 (has a bunch of pink marks)
Jiggly: 2.50
Skarmory and Arbok: 3.50
Pachirisu and Psyduck Keychain: 2.00

Bunch of Misc. Stuff. The clear vulpix (IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!) and pink clear vileplum are fake tomys, but still cool right?
Vulpix: 3.50
Vilplume: 2.50

Deoxys Vinyl Bouncy Ball: 2.00 (Came from a vending machine in my mall)
Turtwig, Chimchar, Munchlax Marbles: .50cents each
Plusle and Minun tattoos are in the same packaging so it's hard to sell seperate so: Seperate is 3.00 each, Together is 5.00.

Finally! That's the end of the sales! :D Thanks for looking!
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