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Nostalgia-Attack "Urgent" Want(s)!

Hello friends! forest_snivy coming to you live from college!

I have a sort of "urgent" want and a question about it! I've seen them on eBay but I want to know if their prices are actually fair or how much do these usually go for?

I'm currently undergoing a nostalgia attack, and for complex reasons I was never able to get the pre-order coin for my favorite game in the Pokémon series. I would really appreciate if someone here was able to sell me one for a good price! Again, I'm not sure exactly how much they go for so I have no idea if the prices on other sites are reasonable or not.

My only criteria is that the coin needs to be in its original "packaging" and that the "packaging" has to be in mint condition~ If I could get multiples I wouldn't mind if the duplicates weren't in the packaging though xD

Thanks for your help everyone! :D My regular wants are also here if you'd like to take a look! :D Thanks again! <3

Tags: groudon, wanted
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