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Epic things happen when you go shopping

Yesterday I went to one large shopping center here in Helsinki and decided to pay a visit at Game stop. Well, this is where the epic begins:
I found TheTomy Mystery Dungeon capsules ~YAY~ I had wanted the Pikachu one for a while so I decided to start a serious Pikachu hunt and spend some money XD 
First I bought two capsules and both had Chimcar FFFfffffuuUUUUUUUUUUU

After that I went home but I came back to the very same Game stop at the very same evening and... this time I bought four capsules. Yeah, First I thought about buying all of the capsules that were still left but I decided that four will be enought this time. And I got lucky: the wanted Pikachu was in the first capsule I opened ˛happy me!

The following three capsules contained 2x Muchlax and one more Chimchar which is a little bit ironic cuz I was like "If I get any more Chimchars I will seriously RAGE" XD   But then again I have you guys here and


 PKMNcollectors sales permission granted 03/02/11 by dakajojo

So yeah, here's the haul:

3x MIB Chimchar  and 2x MIB Munchlax 

Each one is $10 (which without shipping / fees. Let me know your location and I'll give you the total ^^)

Here are pictures of them opened, went googling thistime cuz I didn't want to open the packages :3
So, I don't own the pictures

Also, I found this Hoothoot etiquette one day while cleaning my room. It's a front etiquette of a Pokemon lemonade that was sold around here in 2001.
I'm putting it up for offers, thought I have no idea what these things are actually worth in these days. I'd assume it's quite rare because the lemonade was only sold for a while ten years ago and .. how many has actually saved these epic pieces of paper till today? (I did XD ) Plus I think the lemonade was sold in Finland only.. At least I haven't seen / heard it being sold at other countries

Finnish Hoothoot 2001 lemonade etiquette up for offers 
This epic thing will start at 2$ , i seriously have no idea of their actual value, so it's up to you guys :3
This is offers, so I can stop the offers whenever I wish, when there are no more new offers coming or I get a nice offer :3

front side of the etiquette                                                               At the other side of the etiquette is Magnemite lineart
                                                                                                          - it was a colouring contest when the lemonade was still for sale 
Feel free to take a look at my regular sales post as well 

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