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Multipurpose: 15th Anniv Kids Payment + New Pickups from Local Shop.

Hey guys, the 15th Anniversary Kid has arrived and so I'm asking for payment now so I can ship asap. These are the people who will have to pay and the cost.

Names and payment under the cutCollapse )
I apologise to jerybunny,angelfish3, princesspatamon. There weren't doubles or triple of the kid you wanted.
However, there are still a few extra Kids namely: 2 X Excadrill, 2 X Petilil, 1 X Vullaby. Add $6 to get one more. IF you are getting one more, or combining anything from my sales post here: http://donny9.livejournal.com/551.html , Please do not pay yet and wait for me to recalculate your total.

Please Pay within 30 Hours, or the expected consequence will occur.

Second up is is an update on my local store Preorders
I have ordered everything that people have asked except for a few and this is because they only buy limited sets (Half a set of 80 plush), and the distribution of each Pokemon is not even (E.g. some have 10 while some have 2). I will of course be improving my pre-order system to make sure this doesn't happen often.

But I apologise to these few people who I could not place your pre-orders
Litwick Xmas Plush : trenchkamen, shadoweon (I got your Lilipup don't worry)
Sawsbuck MPC Plush : silverhawk33
Tynamo MPC Plush: irethsune, smirkier (This is mainly because of the mess that banpresto created by changing the Pokemon from Duosion or solosis to Tynamo)

For these people, I will be refunding your payments within the next week so don't worry :)

Third up is NEW PREORDERS. I will be doing pre-orders up to January and I'm doing this early because of a few reasons.
1) I have exams first 3 weeks of Nov
2) I hope not have a repeat of not being able to pre-order some people's items because it's been ordered by someone else

In Summary: I will be doing orders for November, December, January MPCs, Round Headed Plushies, DX Plushies

Rules/Prices/ Bigger Pics under the cutCollapse )

Well that's all from me, have a good day everyone.
By the way, I just pulled a SR Regigigas from the Hail Blizzard set. I'm looking to trade it for a SR Groundon or Kyurem, if anyone is willing to please comment here as well :).
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