Dr Ishida (dragonrider49) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Dr Ishida

What's in the box?

Hey guys. As promised my post is something special.Ever since I found out on here that he exsits- I had to get one. Once I got the bpx, I had to make a photostory to go with it. The box arrived on Monday ( I say arrived, I meant picked -up from depot) Uni has kept me very busy lately, so I found time today to post. This is my first online photostory. warning image heavy!

Some time later...

As you can see- a big box for a big update! I have more pictures, but I am worried that my post will screw up.

Quick questions:
1. does anyone know anything about the Chargan- Raw GA run by Captain angel? I paid three weks sgo on saturday 10th september and I haven't heard anything since. I am too shy to comment to them. - don't want to be annoying. I guess its one of the reasons why member GAs were banned. Other then that =, i have gotten everything so far I have bought from here.

Its Ok captain angel contacted me!

2. I am looking for a salamence tfg. Mine has no wings. If anyone has one i'll take it.

3. can anyone identify the large Palkia figure in my photo. It is made by jakks pacific and is HUGE!
4. I have Charmander, and bulbasaur hasbro beani fro 2004- anyone know where i can find the squirtle? There is one on ebay but it is from pokabubu-(pokelots)
Thanks everyoine have a great day!
Tags: blastoise, bulbasaur, charmander, collection, cranidos, eevee, figures, flygon, jakks, minun, shellos, shinx
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