tofu256 (tofu256) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Question about Zukans + Price Check?

Hi everyone, I've recently decided to start collecting zukans!! (which is going to put a huge hole in my wallet XD) Since don't know much about them I was hoping someone could answer my questions, any help is very much appreciated! :)

I found this eevee/leafeon/glaceon zukan up for sale for a pretty cheap price, but the paint looks funny, especially on the glaceon. The brown paint on eevee's neck also runs into the yellow fluff part, and bits of paint are missing here and there. Is this a booty zukan? I've bought from this seller before though, and I received legit items last time.

Also, does anyone know the prices for the following zukans? (sorry I know there are a lot, but since a lot of these seem to be rare, I don't know how much I'm expected to pay for them)
edit: I just found out I was over-charged for some zukans I bought recently, that seller is now banned for overcharging on his sales D:

- squirtle line
- charmander line
- growlithe line
- caterpie line
- chikorita line
- cyndaquil line
- pidgey line
- eevee line(s)
- mudkip line
- wurmple line
- tranpinch line
- beldum line / metagross
- marill line
- feebas line(s)
- pikachu line
- swablu line
- togepi line (w/ egg and w/ togekiss versions)
- buizel line
- solosis line
- lati@s
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