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Spooky want! Again... And meme time! ...Also again :o

Hiya everyun :3 Still looking for this cutie:

Halloween 2009 Shuppet Plush Keychain!

I'd really like to get one before Halloween (since I'd like to use it for my costume:3), but I'm not relying on my luck to much there. Any infos/offers would be really appreciated though.^^ As for the meme...  Which town of the Pokemon world would you like to live in if it was real? And why? For my part, I think I'd like to live in either Cherrygrove, Olivine, Fallarbor or Fortree. Cherrygrove because it looked so peaceful and flowery in HG/SS, Olivine because it has a cool lighthouse and is near Moo-Moo Farm, Fallarbor because I find the ashen rain rather curious and liked the landscape and Fortree because I'm a really nature loving person and living in a tree house would be awesome! So what about you?
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