vaporeonxlover (vaporeonxlover) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Vaporeon collection & wants =]

ok so as promised here is my vaporeon collection =]

1st is my whole collection =]

2nd is my paperchildren =]

the biggest one in the middle along with the little fishie were made for me by About12Kittens on DA
the 2 with the real bows on them were made for me by tavington on DA
the rest were made by me =]

3rd are my ACEO cards and 1 sketch

the sketch and the 2nd ACEO card (of the pink and blue vaporeon licking her paw) were made for me by SalamenceClaw on DA
the other 3 ACEO cards were made by me =]

last but not least MY PLUSHIES!!!!!!

the pink and blue one (same as in the 2nd ACEO card) is one of my OC's Starlight. she was made by LindsayGoRAWR on DA
the 2nd one is modelled after another one of my OC's name crystal (she doesnt have the neck fin) this is her twin Cerulean made by wolfycubsbaby on DA

welp that's my collection so far :D

anything vaporeon really lol mainly plush but if you have any vappy products please let me know and show me =]
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