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Normal type update - on the home stretch! Wanted!

I have several things on the way, so I can't do a solid collection update, but this is too exciting to hold back because it's for my main collection. I was able to get this~

I cannot stress this enough. These little suckers are TINY. So so so TINY. I see why they're on their own bases. Despite their small size, they are freaking adorable.
So, with the addition of Castform to my Normal-type family, I am almost done with the collection. I just need Slakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking.

Besides the Slakoth line, there really isn't much else I'm really looking for at the moment. I'm still after the Ambipom Battrio. Anything Aipom and Ambipom would be great, show me anything (no stickers though XD) For those of you who collect Settei, are there any for Aipom or Ambipom? I'd love some of those if they exist!

I'm still looking for something for my friend's birthday this month. His favorite Pokémon is Metagross. I'd really like to get him a Metagross plushie, but I think that'd be kind of expensive. :( His only piece of Metagross merchandise is a Metargross Kid. Any suggestions?

Tags: castform, collection, metagross, slaking, slakoth, vigoroth, wanted
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