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cheap cheap sales!

Hi guys. Went a little overboard this paycheck... so that means great prices for cool stuff for you! These prices will last through the week, then it'll go back to my permanent sales post. So get em while they last!

Items include figures, gachapons, plush. Deoxys, Zekrom, Charmander, Squirtle items are left!

Sales permission granted by dakajojo 9/3/11
All pkmncollectors rules apply
Shipping is from CA, USA
Prices INCLUDE shipping
Trades will still be considered... for Mew merch/flats/tcg only.

EDIT: deleting pictures of items that have sold so it's easier to see what's available.
thank you so much my wonderful buyers- made just enough to survive the week XD

Deoxys Japanese Pez Dispensers.
$10 each SHIPPED anywhere (cannot budge price on these)

Deoxys Gachapon Figure.
$2 SHIPPED anywhere WITHOUT capsule
$3 SHIPPED anywhere WITH capsule

Zekrom McD's Toy, Unopened, Mint, with SHINY Audino card.
$5 SHIPPED anywhere

Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle MINT with tush-tag terrycloth-ish plushies.
$30 SHIPPED anywhere EACH

My TCG cards range from .10 to .50 cents if you're interested
Tags: bonsly, charmander, deoxys, lucario, mew, pikachu, squirtle, umbreon, zekrom
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