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Collection Downgrade

Some of you may know me as the Emongamaniac.
Some of you may know me as the Wafer Extroardinaire.
But most people know me as "that girl who can't decide on what to collect!"

Well, it's been nearly a year, and I've changed my main collection a good 4-5 times. I love my Pokemon to death, but life gets in the way of collecting all too often.

This is what my collection looked like when I first joined the community.

More pictures under cut, extremely image heavy!

Here we go, a large photo :O

Anywho, Oshawott was my main occupation. Anything Miju had to be MINE. Well after about two months, I went flat broke, sold my collection, and started anew.

What did I start with after that? The best Pokemon in the world, of course!

From this:

To this:

(and plush of course!)

Knowing me, Emolga decided to become a merch whore, so once again, I got rid of that collection.
Well not yet, it's packed out in my "post to sales" box. lol

I even had an Elekid obsession!

But that, too, was very short lived.

So, what does a retired collector keep?
Heeeeeere is your answer!
Only her favourites of everything!

This is my shelf now:

I love these figurines so much. They're so detailed and majestic! I'm always seeking pre-order figures, I know that I'm missing the palkia/dialga and the Sinnoh starters, so if anyone has those I'd be more than happy to buy them from you!

What's left of these guys; I have my Pokecen plush (the Emonga is named Mimzy, my boyfriend gave her to me for my birthday! The Oshawott is named Biscuit. They are my travel buddies.)
I'm totally partial to Talkies, so I've got the two talking Miju's.
Mcdonalds Miju was given to me by a close friend, and the amazing Emonga pokedoll pillow was made by our very own nightmare_chan2!
Also, the Emonga kids figures and the tomys seen in the shelf are so adorable ;___;

What's next? Ah, yes, the shelving unit.

Just some casual displays of my favourite 'monga plush!

Giantmonga, made by me about half a year ago! He's my favourite :3

1:1 Emonga plush, adorned with the cutest little collar; Sneezing Cyndaquil painting in the background :P

I regret not having a better photo of this, but it's essentially my "lucky shelf." It currently contains a couple Darumakkas, the painting seen, and soon a Maneki Meowth :)

Moving on, the plush wall!

I purchased a plush hammock after seeing spideyroxas', and it works WONDERS.

And then, the wall of Skunks.
And by skunks, I really mean skunks.

(if you look on the right side, you'll see my Pokemotion! I took this video in the early morning when I first got it, but completely forgot to make a post about it.)
So here's that video! lol
Please excuse my exhaustedness!

Continuing with the skunks, we have a close up:

I spy some Pokemons!

And I <3 Skunk Cards

When we venture further into my room, to my desk, we come accoss some exotic fish:

Okay maybe not so exotic, but sure as hell cute!


Anyways, that's what my collection looks like now. Not as quantitative, but much more sentimental and easy to look after.

I'm still picking things up, mind you!

My main focus are Maggyo (stunfisks) and Elesa.
Elesa is my absolute main collection, but since she only has one official merch item, I'm in the safe for now.
So, if you have any fishies or sexy electric women customs, offer away! I really want a large Elesa plush :)
(I'd be happy to do a trade for one, too! http://punkspacewafers.deviantart.com/ )

And that's how equestria was made.

Thank you, Community, for the time of my life. <3
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