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Varjak_Paw's Weeding 1.00 Or Less Auction!

So now that I'm starting to acquire a good handful of my wants and grails I finally have no more room to collect the other things I specifically want :( So! I am offering the things I can do without pictured below! There are more things that pictured in that picture so check inside for more details! Everything starts at a dollar or less! I really want to have more room so please bid away and give these guys new and happy homes! 

I was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo !


Please do no bid until all threads are up! Behave and have fun :D


[+] Auction ends October 5th 2011 at 8pm (20:00) PST. Do not bid after that point  
[+] I ship from Southern California USA. I will ship internationally at buyers expense.
[+] I have a cat and dog, all items are kept out of reach of my pets at all times :)
[+] Please bid in 1 Dollar increments or more unless bidding on my cards
[+] I accept paypal and money orders only. If you want to work out a payment deal it must be a minimum of 50.00 or more 
[+] No Sniping rules apply. If a bid is placed 5 minutes before the end time, the auction will be extended by 10 minutes
[+] If you do not pay within three business days I will give it to the next highest bidder
[+] I have the option of bubble mailers and boxes. I will mail everything in bubblemailers except cards and flats unless otherwise stated 
[+] I do combine shipping of course!
[+] Do not delete or retract bids. This may result in a negative feedback :c
[+] All usual community rules apply!

-Leafeon Jakks 
-Espeon Jakks
-Umbreon Jakks
-Lucario Jakks (see second picture for scratches)
-Skymin Jakks
-Arceus Jakks
-Darkrai Jakks
-Mime Jr. Jakks
-Carnivine Jakks
-Wobbufets Jakks

Lucario has scratches to the paint on the parts where circled :c other than that he's fine

-Blastoise Squeaky bootleg 
-Blaziken 10 year figure (without projectile)
-Charizard 10 year figure (without projectile)
-Typhlosion 10 year figure (without projectile)
-Ash Ketchum 10 year figure (he is derpy in the eyes)
-Talking Pikachu Burger King
- Meowth small figure
- Bonsly bottlecap
-Psyduck Burger King toy
- Fraxure and Haxorus model kit (I only wanted Axew and Pikachu!)
- Deoxys Diorama
- Deoxys speed surfing "tomy" bootleg

I bought this figure cause it cracked me up. It's the surfing pikachu tomy's surfboard!
Speed deoxys super stole it xD This is a bootleg of course!

-Tomy Landmin w/out tag w/tush
-Suicune, Carnivine, Zoroark 3-pack
-Heavy Ball foam MIP
-Cyndaquil Pokemon Canvas 

-Sandile Jakks MWT
-Murkrow Jakks MWT
-Giratina Jakks w/tush tag
-Banpresto Suicune w/tush tag
-Landmin with toyfactor tag (may be bootleg??)
-Skymin w/tush tag

-Togepi w/tag
-Victini w/tush tag
-Tediurssa w/tag
-Phione w/tag
-Phione 2 w/tag
-Mesprit w/tag
-Jirachi w/tag

-Tepig w/tag
-Munchlax w/tush tag
-Togepi burger king
-Small bulbasaur keychain
-Pichu w/tag
-Cherubi w/tag

-Togepi jakks figure 
-Minichino w/tag
-Arceus 2 jakks Figure
-Pichu jakks figure

-Pikachu Wallet (not official)
- Pikachu Manaphy rag
-Mew collector card
-Gliscor collector card
-Crogunk collecto card
-Arceus sticker card
-Pikachu sticker card
-Chikorita collector card
-Ivysaur french clear card

-Palkia Dialga Pikachu Ash notebook
-Dialga Palkia notebook
-Darkrai notebook

-Pokemon Colosseum Jirachi Bonus Disc
-Pikachu Flat
-Victini Flat
-Reshrim Flat
-Zekrom Flat
-Snivy Flat

-Oshawott Flat
-Tepig Flat
-Goldeen/Seeking pencil
-Pikachu pencil
-Charmander keychain
-Charmander keychain
-Charizard keychan
-Squirtle keychain
-Blastoise keychain
-Bootleg peliper toy
-Bootleg vileplume
-Bootleg Lombre
-Bootleg Machoke
-Mini Ash Ketchum with pokeball
-Mini Chansey
-Mini Pidgey
-Mini Latios
-Lotad jingly keychain
-Manaphy w/egg cellphone strap
-Meowth figure

I am no longer collecting the TCG like I had wanted to.  All of my cards have been reviewed carefully. A few have
dents and minor scratches which will be noted below. If you do not like the card when you receive it, you may return it.
All of my holos have light surface scratches on the holo that aren't deep are troublesome to the picture unless angled
at the light. If you want any additional pictures please let me know. I feel these cards are in good shape unless
otherwise mentioned :)

-Flygon Holo//[fighting][rare]
-Beedrill Holo//[grass][rare]
-Skitty Holo//[normal][legend maker basic]
-Murkrow Japanese Holo [dark][1st edition trainer Vs]
-Turtwig Holo [grass][common]
-Electivire FB Holo [electric][Frontier Brain rare]
-Vaporeon Holo [Water/Steel][rare/delta species]
-Pichu reverse-holo Japanese [promo/nomark] CAUTION this card has three dents on japanese text
-Raichu Holo [electic][uncommon/ex holon phantoms]

Second Page
-Dark Dragonite Holo [Dark][rare/rocket] CAUTION has scratches yellow ram and text
-Lucario Holo [Fighting][Lucario trainer championship]
-Dark Tyranitar Holo [Fighting/Dark][Rare/rocket]
-Blaziken Holo [Fire][rare]
-Typholsion Holo [fire][rare GS]
-Blastoise Holo [water][rare]
-Venusaur Holo [green][rare]
-Manaphy Holo [water][manaphy trainer championship]
-Mew Holo [psychic][rare]

-Entei Holo [fire][unmarked promo 3rd movie]
Roserade Holo [Grass][rare]
Dark Marowak 1 [Dark/fighting][rare/rocket]
Dark Marowak 2 [Dark/fighting][rare/rocket]
Dark Marowak 3 [Dark/fighting][rare/rocket]
Articuno [water][promo pkmn 200 movie]
Zapidos [electric][rare]
Articuno [Water][rare]

Second Page

Lunatone [psychic][rare]
Lugia [psychic][rare]
Entei [Fire][1st Edition/rare]
Aerodactyl [fighting][fossil/rare]
Metagross [psychic/steel][rare]
Electabuss [electric][rare]
Meganium [grass][rare]
Dark Gyrados [water][rocket/rare]
Azumarill [water/steel][delta species/rare]

Elekid [electric][Neo/rare]
Crawdaunt [dark][Galactic/rare]
Dark Dragonair 1 [dark][uncommon]
Dark Dragonair 2 [dark][uncommon]
Mantine [water][uncommon]
Corsola [water][uncommon]
Zangoose [normal][rare]
Rockets Meowth [dark][uncommon]
Sabrina's Drowzee [psychic][1st edition common]

Second Page
Dark energy japanese VS Holo [dark][rare]
Marill [water][common/rocket]
Azumarill [water][rocket/rare]
Mudkip [water][common]
Flygon [normal][rare]
Mew [psychic][rare]
Lugia Japanese Holo [normal][neogeo/rare]
Raikou Holo [electric][rare]
Oshawott Holo [water][mcdonalds promo]

Alomomola [water][mcdonalds promo]
Latias [normal][latias championship deck]
Latios [normal][latios championship deck]
Slowpoke [water][common]
Exeggcute [psychic][normal]
Sunkern [grass]common]
Phanphy [fighting][common]
Donphan [fighting][uncommon]

Second Page
Eevee Holo [common][promo unmarked] Has rim scuffs showing silver holo
Vaporeon Holo [water][rare]
Vaporeon Holo [water][jungle edition/rare] this card is old and has scuffs and scratches
Japanese Pichu Holo [electric][neogeo/rare]
Ninteails Holo [fire][rare] Caution has some small scratches a few of them
Wigglytuff Holo [normal][rare/Jungle] has some light scratches
Venusaur [grass][rare/rehash of original]
Chingling [psychic][normal]
Minum [electric][uncommon]

Pansear [fire][common]
Zorua [dark][common]
Ducklet Holo [water][promo]
Shinx [electric][common]
Gabite [normal][uncommon]
Tepig [fire][common]
Joltik [electric][common]
Pikachu holo [electric][promo]
Shiny Raikou holo [electric][promo]

Second Page
Leafeon [green][rare]
Blastoise Holo [water][rare]
Bidoof [normal][common]
Nidoran boy [dark][common]
Papungha Holo(jumpluff in a different language) [grass][rare] silver rim scratch
Water energy holo
Tropius [green][rare]
Shinx holo [electric][common] Minor rim scratches
Floatzel [water][manaphy championship deck]

These stickers are free with purchase! Once everything is totaled up you may message me and let me know which sticker you want :)
I will contact you through this thread with your totals and shipping. Only then can you reply with what sticker you want. Please do not
PM me because I will probably accidentally double-book a sticker and would not want to upset anyone :x

-Surfing Pikachu
-Pikachu Raichu Dance
-Pikachu jump green background
-Pikachu baloons
-Random Stars
-Pikachu Pikachu sticker
-Pikachu riding a bicycle
-Squirtle pikachu charmander
-Pikachu dressed up for Pikachus jukebox
-Butterfree w/zubat ears
-Pikachu sleeping w/Pichu staring
-Pichu flying
-pikachu w/out black eartips
-meowth pokeball
-pokemon logo
-squirtle surprise (from 1st movie)
-Big pikachu
-sitting pikachu

Thank you for looking! I hope you found something you want here and hope to give my stuff a good home for cheap <:)

Tags: cards, espeon, leafeon, lucario, pikachu, umbreon
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