Dr Ishida (dragonrider49) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Dr Ishida

What;s in the box-part 2

Hey everyone. I am sorry to post again so early. But you may remember my post yesterday on my big box of stuff. http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10399440.html

My uni schedule is very packed and I won't have time to post much. I still hang around just not as often.

The box is soo big, I hadn't got room to photograph them all in one go. . So heres the rest- including the rubbish stuff- i.e. bootlegs and broken figures that I am throwing away.

When I got pikachu, he was blind so I repainted his eyes. I am donating him to good will. ( Once he has had a wash!)

Close up of the playsets. I think there are bits missing, at least the bridge in the smaller one. Anyone know anything more about them?

Blastoise is in really bad conditon and very dirty- looks like algae on him or his paint. is worn.

and finally the bootlegs broken figures and the munchlax coin.

Just for a bit of fun;

I wish to thank everyone who helped me yesterday about captain angel's GA. especally Eternal_ rena
Captainangel contacted me today and hopefully will be postng my stuff soon in her next mail run.

one last thing: WTB dragonites.
Dragonite is my faverite pokemon ever, but I have little merch- only a kid, tomy, and the canvas.
So if anyone has any dragonite merch please let me know!

Thanks for reading
Tags: blastoise, budew, buizel, buneary, charmander, chatot, cherrim, croagunk, dragonite, figures, jakks, machop, mareep, meowth, monferno, mudkip, munchlax, pikachu, wormadam
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