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Multipurpose Post: Pokemon Fan, DX Plup Pokedoll Want, Sales

Hi guys! This is a multipurpose post. (Like that wasn't ob- Common Sense Editor.)

FIRST UP - I got the latest Pokemon Fan issue, and it's a lovely issue! Filled with loads of gorgeous pictures of upcoming merchandise, and sneak previews of new comics. Makes me darned jealous of those living in Japan, the sheer amount of daily use items and merch! The icing on top of the cake is the clear Pikachu Tomy and Pikachu Battrio that came along. =D

NEXT - Wanted dead or alive: THIS WANT. DX Piplup Pokedoll. If anybody knows how to get one, let me know!!

FINALLY: I have added many, many zukans to my personal collection recently, and will definitely do an update soon. What is interesting is that I have accidentally acquired a very, very extended Gible family. I couldn't resist doing a little photoshoot for the bickering landsharks. I love them!

After settling my zukan sale recently, I now have two one NIP Gible zukan to find homes for. They are a pretty rare bunch, and i'm letting them go for just $40 each just so they find appreciative homes fast! You can find them in my shop. Also, I am raising funds for a special somebody's 21st birthday so I am having some slight weeding and sales. Now available are gazillions of Chous (Glaceon, Shinx, Gabite, Legendaries et al), Reshiram/Zekrom/Zorua Banpresto plushes, a Pikachu lot, and lots of random items!

Thanks for reading!
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