dtrain4eva (dtrain4eva) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Stamped Worlds Promos for Sale! (Quarter/Semi/Finalist) (2010+2011 Promos)

I was given Sales Permission by denkimouse on 06/7/11.
Hi all! I'm looking to sell my stamped Worlds cards. The ones I have in possession are:

1 Tropical Tidal Wave Finalist (2010)
1 Tropical Tidal Wave Semifinalist (2010)
1 Tropical Tidal Wave Quarterfinalist (2010)
2 Tropical Beach Finalist (2011)
2 Tropical Beach Semifinalist (2011)
2 Tropical Beach Quarterfinalist (2011)

You could only obtain the cards if you placed in the Top 8/4/2 in the Pokemon World championships!

I'm looking to get $900 for a finalist, $350 for a semifinalist, and $250 for a quarterfinalist. I accept payment plans (of course can't ship out until I have received the full payment), and you are allowed to negotiate prices. 

And of course pictures of said cards!

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