drifloonx (herar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GA's lost + wants

hi again everyone. unfortunately we lost the LyndsayGoRawr GA, and the Pokedoll/Canvas GA. We just couldn't raise enough for either of them! Thanks to everyone who helped out and participated, here's to having more successful GA's in the future.

Aaaaaaand I have some wants. As always, I am looking for the Groudon Zukan. It has seriously become my grail, I need to own one. ;_;

Second - If you saw one of my previous posts, I am starting a gen3 kids collection. I am looking for ALL kids from generation 3.
Right now I would rather trade than buy, but if you have a LOT of them, I would buy them (so this means if you just have one to sell, don't bother.. xD) BUT if you do have ANY, please post them thank you.

I made a list of everything I have (and everything I'm missing) in order of the pokedex! please take a look here to see what i have and don't have so you know what to offer me. :3

So other than all of those, I would love to see what you have!

Aaaand here's a sales plug. xD

okay i'm going to stop posting so much now. xD
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