neeko48 (neeko48) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Happy times!

I got something really awesome in the mail this week!

TADA!!! A corphish pokedoll! After seeing it on the banner I've been hoping to get one, but didn't think I would until a GA by Lovedbyahero!!! Thanks so much! Lobster love! I've decided to name him ninja, and even gave him a headband.

Side View! (ish, more like 3/4)
Eventually these pictures should rotate correctly :\

With all his corphishy bretheren.

Minun pokedoll came along with Ninja!

Has been screaming from ebay for months, she's so cute! The one marill plush I wanted and she's perfect :D

Lovely figures :D

Also here are my sales! I totally revamped it because LJ was yelling at me because my entry was too long. :\ Also everything paid for has been shipped :D

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