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GA Payment 2, Collection Update, and Auctions Soon!

Lots of stuff to go over in this post so let's get to it ;D I've got updates like crazy cause it's been a busy week, but this post will hopefully answer any questions anyone had about anything that remotely concerns me =0w0=

Firstly, GA payment #2 is here for the mini models GA me and paperoid ran. You can check your second payments here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10313224.html We also still have many extras leftover if anyone's still interested ;D There's a link at the bottom of the payment page and anyone can buy the extras!

Secondly, I'm gearing up for some halloween auctions ;D I'm making some custom halloween themed plush that include: drifloon, duskull, rotom, shuppet, and lampent. I was gonna do spiritomb, but I just don't have enough time =;v;= I'm hoping to finish each plush up tonight and have the auctions up by tomorrow! If anyone's got any questions about them, let me know ;D

Thirdly, everyone that was waiting for me to ship out things, they have been shipped as of saturday. =0w0= Emolga, Mew, and Cyndaquil Keychains were all sent out!

Lastly, COLLECTION UPDATE! I've gotten a whole bunch of stuff that I just took pictures of today ;D Follow the cut to see what all I've gotten ;D WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY!

This is my wailord Wibbly! I don't actually collect wailord, I just think the pokedoll is very cute xD;; I just got him Saturday =^^= [brownie points to who gets his name ;p]

This is my spiritomb pokedoll, I haven't given him a name just yet, but I might when I get the ufo catcher :P

I finally got my stuff from Gin! xD;; This plush keychain of litwick is so adorable =;w;= I really love it <333~~

So I'm a charms addict...I have a problem, yes xDD

Now for something I've had for a long long lonnnnggg time, but just finished the other day xD;;

Wingull Bell Plush! I'd done a shiny colors one ages ago, like almost a year, and started this one immediately after. I'd gotten it all assembled, but I just never pulled all the strings through xD;; I was really tired of sewing that day so I figured I'd just do it later...so a YEAR later...oh hey...I should finish that lol

After finishing the wingull bell plush up, I thought I could manage some more sewing and made this little cutie ;D I loves him very much <3~

Back View <3~ Purple bells are the best bells >3

Now for something I thought I'd never see in my entire life of collecting. I had just about given up hope since I just didn't see any news about the remainder of the groundbreakers tfg set. Some people had found a few others, but just not enough like that first wave :\ I'd just thought maybe the preview sculptures for the rest of the set got thrown away and no one could save them, but then that fateful day that Gin brought those amazing auctions came! I was able to get one of the most rare things ever for my steelix collection!!

STEELIX TFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still can't believe I won =;w;= So because this figure is so epic, have more shots of it!

If anyone has any blank/busted tfg stands, I'd really be interested in getting one for this special steely rock! =0w0= Thanks so much for looking <3~
Tags: chandelure, collection, custom, group auction, lampent, litwick, pokedolls, spiritomb, steelix, wailord, wingull
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