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Stuff for Sale

I've decided to make the long, hard conclusion to part with some custom Braviarys and other things from my personal collection (notably fragile sculptures as I really have no shelf space for them ;_;), spurred by wanting to focus my Braviary customs on his shiny form and most of all, a grail-tier item popping up that I'm hoping to raise some money to help me win! Along with the aforementioned customs are official plushies, TFGs, a rare EU-exclusive Monferno figure, and a second go at selling my custom Dewott and Servine bell plushies. :D

✖ Offers will end when I see a price I'm happy with and/or if interest dies down, but will go on no longer than Thursday, October 06. The set price is the reserve price!
✖ I ship from the US, therefore all prices are in USD. Please note that packages may take at least a week for me to send, especially to international destinations.
✖ Shipping and packing material costs are noted in the individual descriptions. I ship custom plush and sculptures/TFGs in boxes for maximum protection. I will combine shipping, but the price of shipping will rise based on the bulk of the package.
✖ Paypal only! On top of shipping, an additional handling fee will be incurred depending on the total price. E-checks are highly discouraged but please forewarn me if you really have to use one.
✖ No holds! I've been burned too many times by people holding items and not committing. :( Payment is due within 24 hours of me giving you a total. Please be prepared to pay within this timeframe! Sorry if this sounds snippy, but I've had this guideline for many months and still have had late payers which I ended up letting slide. :( I will accept payment plans of orders totalling $50 or more, as long as at least 50% is paid up front and the remander is paid within two weeks.
✖ Once a package reaches the post office, I am not responsible for how the post office handles it. I will package everything as safely as possible, but unfortunately I can not refund any lost items (but please let me know if you have a problem and I will be willing to work something out). If you are within the US, delivery confirmation is free and you will receive a tracking number from Paypal when I print the label and you also have the option of insurance for an additional $2.00; postage tracking and insurance to international destinations is roughly $30.
✖ I live in a smoke-free, pet-friendly home. I gently use a lint roller to ensure that too much dander isn't present on a plush when I pack it, but traces the roller didn't pick up may still be present.
✖ I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have a reputation for flaking out on purchases as based on the community's negative feedback post. I will not tolerate bids withdrawn without my approval and will leave negative feedback if I catch anybody deleting their bids (without my approval) or flaking on payment!
✖ I will only trade/partial trade for the following items:

- Braviary Retsuden stamp, domino & pan sticker
- Staraptor chou getto (clear blue base), clear kids figure, & keshipoke
- Movie 10 Lunar Wing
- Sky Plate Arceus Keshipoke

Otherwise, I only want money!

SD Shiny Braviary plush by akeyma. Measures 10 inches wide, 8 inches tall and made of fleece with embroidered details. Taking offers starting at $60, about 25% less than what I bought it for! Shipping in a box will be $4.00 to the US or at least $8.00 overseas.

Custom Sculptures

Skarmory Pokedoll by caffwin - $15.00
Rufflet by foureyedalien - $15.00
Braviary Pokedoll by foureyedalien - Offer! I love him quite a bit and I'm still torn on selling him. If my sales aren't very successful I'll accept offers of at least $20.00, but there's a chance that I may not want to part with him in the end.
Shipping in a small box will be $3.00 to the US or $4.00 overseas.

Braviary bead sprite by feraligroggles - $4.00
Shipping in a bubble mailer will be $3.00 to the US or $3.50 overseas

Dewott & Servine Bell Plushies

Handmade by myself out of crushed panne fabric with felt and acrylic paint details. Taking offers starting at $20.00 each. Shipping in a small box will be $3.00 to the US or $4.00 overseas. Servine is SOLD, Dewott is still available.

Mint with Tag Plushies

TOMY Togekiss - $17.00
Banpresto Pidove, Jakks Mystery Dungeon Shinx, Kyogre Pokedoll - $12.00 each
Shipping for Togekiss in a box will be $4.00 to the US and at least $10.00 overseas. Shipping for all other plushies in a bubble mailer will be $3.00 to the US and $5.00 overseas.

Official TFGs

Kyogre, Salamence, Charizard, Feraligatr - $5.00 each
Shipping in a small box will be $3.00 to the US or $4.00 overseas.

Bandai EU Exclusive Monferno

Part of a set with Staraptor which is very hard to find and very expensive to import. I only wanted Staraptor, so this guy needs a home!
Taking offers starting at $6.00 Shipping in a bubble mailer will be $2.50 to the US and $3.00 overseas.

And that's all, folks! :D Please do not comment until this sentence is stricken out!

While I'm at it, I wanna show off my haul from Sunyshore which arrived today!

The only things not pictured are With You buttons of Pidove and Ducklett (I couldn't arrange them into the picture~) but my gosh, I am in LOVE with how soft and adorable Ducklett's pokedoll is!
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