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Reminder: Local Store Run - MPC Plushies/RoundHead Plush/DX Plush. Sales Update!

Hey guys,
Just a reminder of the pre-orders I'm taking for the Banpresto items my local store is bringing in. I will be taking this round of pre-orders until Saturday 8th October. I might do a second round for those arriving in January and February at a later date, end November. But as there has been a surge of people ordering Pokemon items, best you get your pre-orders in now, or else they may be gone. Also for the January MPC set I need to persuade the store owner to bring in more, but only possible with higher demand so yup XD

Also, I am looking for a Minun Pokedoll, used or new it doesn't matter, so help me out!

Click on any of the pictures to spawn there!
Lastly, I've made some additions to my sales post: Hail Blizzard Cards, Snivy DX Plush, 15th Anniversary Kids and other kids. There are also plenty of stuff left over from the last sales post such as DX Kids, Sugimori Clearfiles, Light-up keychains etc.

Click on the picture to go to my sales post
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