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Get. Get. Get. Collection Mini Update.

Its been a month or so since my last collection update! Check out my haul for September!
Breloom wants to know who the heck is in this package. Why does it feel so familiar and special?

Oh.....now I know why...we were made by the same creator.


Sup. Don't hate. Congratulate.

Blood brothers!!!!!!! Yes, this is my long awaited Slakoth Custom Pokedoll from USAKOCHAN bby!~<3333333333 He finally arrived this morning! BUT *inhales* jskgjslkdjgsdlkgjldjgsldkjglsdkjglskdjglskadjglksjdgljsdlg 

he's perfect.

Again, she nailed it and made every detail fantastic. She has gotten every detail down from my pokedoll drawings of him. I look at the art and then the doll and EVERYTHING is flat out amazing. I SO happy to finally have my *pretty much mascots of my collection* turned into pokedolls! The SLOTHY and the SHROOMY of my collections NOW have plush. I can now represent in style. I FINALLY know who I can bring to collector gatherings. ;^;  Augh! I can't get over how lovely he is. Those arms, the paw prints, the iddy biddy teeeeeeeeeth! 

And look at that cute little butt! *squee* And I can't stop playing with his back tuffs of fur, they are so tiny and spiky and I always have to flip them up and down when holding them. The embroidery around his stripes are superb along with his eye and mouth detail. The best part......

.....is you could hold him like this.......and he'll look like he's cuddling you.......

!!!!!!! A little hug in the palm of your hand. ;3;

And I can even make him do his trademark pose! 

Since he's sitting and not laying he looks like this to be exact. ;3
But that's exactly what I wanted!

I love him. I love him. I love him.

And here he is with my holy grail items I still can't shut up about. You'll all just have to look at them again. 

And my Slaking big daddy finally gotten a nice new base and spinner. Now he looks official!

Onward to more collection updates! Here are my MPC plush *besides my Emolga bros who you will see in a few seconds*  I also found an extra Reshi and Victini, so I'll probably do a sales post in the future.

And here is my newest bat, which means......I now have all his official plush to date!


When I decided to collect this bat line I thought little to NOTHING for them would be made, I thought I'd be safe and I thought SWOO would get the majority of the merch that would be released but maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan was I wrong. LOOKIT AT THESE! I have 6 heart bat fluffs. SIX! I don't know how many fluffy spheres of wonder they could make. o-o Its sad to know that Swoobat is my main priority for this line yet all I have to show is his kid figure. ;3; More swoo please? I thought for sure he'd get a plush for the halloween promotion..
...and if theres any one out there who is picking up his MPC plush in December, let me know. ;3;

And here are more bats, my jakks bats recently arrived. I now have them all in SOME form. >:[ Why can't I find you TOMY GOLBAT AND CROBAT FIGURES? Why won't you let me find you!?

And my Whimsicott kiiiiiiiiiid came shortly after them. AH! I want the cottons to be one of my new B/W collections but besides these and the  pokedolls nothing has been released. *I've reserved a cottonee MPC* but I really hope more figures and plush come out for these two.

There booby backs are oh so cute! I now have half of my B/W team in kid form! Just need Mienshao and Krookodile. <3 SOON.

And I've been getting lucky at my local Japan shop and found me some rotts! The clear and normal straps are a new addition. This is my tiny side collection and I only collect Dewott and Samurott from the line. I have all their plush and the majority of their figures. *I do not wish to collect flats*

I also purchased two keshipoke boxes, they're were 7 I could of gotten but all I wanted was Samurott. I knew my odds were slim but I bought two and got this little baby! HE IS TINY! LOOK! HES SITTING ON A CAN BADGE AND THATS THE WOOBAT CLIPPING FIGURE NEXT TO HIM! Its nice to have some luck when opening blind figure boxes. C: 

And at another Japanese shop I found this......I don't plan to collect Victini but I do have a soft spot for him.  When I saw this in a display case I had to get it! It is SO well made! And I never had a really cool GIANT pokemon figure before. I'm a sucker for vinyl toys and its awesome to have a pokemon related one in my room. :> It came in a really nice box and you have to pop his head in, his arm joints swivel and his head can turn.  Victini kid for size comparison. 

And I bet your'e all wondering about my Emolga's. Here are my new additions, not much but November I foresee a swarm of Emolga's and they are going to hit me like a ton of brick shaped sky squirrels. X-X

Here is the Pokedex keychain, its the exact same Emolga figure as the one that came with a greatball from another set by the same company. But the pokedex is what made me REEEEEALLY want this. Its an exact TINY replica of the female trainers pokedex! And it even has a tiny picture/info for emolga on the screen! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! SO COOL.

These metal figures are destroying my liiiiiife. When I finally received copper and bronze I thought I was done and the world was at peace. But then I found out that these come in 4 variants and not 3. X< These things have been so hard for me to fiiiiiiiiind.  Community heeeeeelp meeeeeeeee. Is there any one out there who has or knows where I can get a gold variant of this figure? D:>

And here's my collection as of now. It sure has grown over the past month. It's getting so big I have to take it off the shelf in order to get clear photos of it all. X_X 
I think I have everything that has been released so far.......I think. Let me know if I'm missing something. 

Yes....I even decided to collect the *black shoe wearing* bootleg Emolga.<.<

And my plush! I have so many doubles, its scary! I've never done that with any other line before! *Unless my shrooms or sloth lines get plush of course you'll know I'd be in line for 100+*

Annnnnd that about wraps my post for today. Bask and swim in my Monga's until next time. 
And now, I should head to bed. Its 3am and I have work in the morning! Why must making these posts take so long? I'm so slow at doing these. GUH. 

My Slakoth and Breloom babies wait for me on my bed. Sleeeeeeep Tara, you need sleeeeeeeeeeeep. <333
Thanks for reading! Happy collecting! And feel free to check out my want list, I'd appreciate any one who comments me here about items they may have for my lines!



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